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RUSH: Is this not juicy? Folks, so much is being revealed right before our very eyes. Here we are in the midst of what I think is actually going to be a tremendous buying opportunity on Wall Street, being portrayed as a financial crisis, and Dingy Harry says, ‘Nothing we can do! Never seen anything like this before,’ and they’re getting out of town. Congress is leaving town. They don’t want to deal with this in any way, shape, manner, or form, and why would they? They caused it! They led to this. Then we got Joe Biden back on the gaffe trail. Paying higher taxes is patriotic. If you’re wealthy, paying higher taxes is patriotic. He’s talking some city council members, he said, (paraphrasing) ‘You know what, I was a city councilman once, and then I got elected to the Senate, and let me tell you something, your job is harder than mine.’ (laughing) And then of course Obama, folks, is showing who he really is. The community organizer, the street agitator, the Chicago thug, clear the playing field, it’s on display for everybody to see. Sarah Palin’s e-mails, personal e-mails have been hacked, no doubt by Obama thugs, they dropped 30 people up there in Alaska trying to dig up dirt on her. Now they got some thugs that found her personal e-mail address, and the reaction to this is stunning. The Drive-Bys are not upset about this at all.

In fact, ABC, get this headline: ‘Palin’s E-mail Habits Echo Worst Practices of Bush Administration, Expert Says.’ So we have the vice presidential candidate on the Republican ticket’s personal e-mail hacked, they post screen shots on the Internet of her personal e-mails, she’s now being criticized for using a personal account to conduct state business. This is why, by the way, presidents and vice presidents do not use e-mail, be it personal or business. And now we’ve got people coming around saying that she’s irresponsible, the hackers have uncovered some fraud on her part. Do we live in a sick era, or what? And then, of course, there’s good old Josh Howard, Obama supporter, Dallas Mavericks, an African-American. This is July of this year at Allen Iverson’s charity football game, Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard.

HOWARD: Star Spangled Banner is going on right now. I don’t even celebrate that (bleep) because I’m black. God (bleep) national anthem.


HOWARD: Obama and all that (bleep).

What he said he was, ‘Star-Spangled Banner is going on right now, I don’t celebrate that bleep because I’m black. God bleep national anthem.’ And then the unidentified male voice at the end of the call says, ‘Obama ’08,’ and Howard says, ‘Obama and all that blank.’ They left out the Obama part of the news story? Play the audio sound bite again. Now that you know and you’ve heard me read the transcript, listen to this again. It’s a phone call, it’s a cell phone, cheap cell phone, by the way, which starts out with a woman singing a national anthem at a charity football game Allen Iverson is putting on.

HOWARD: Star Spangled Banner is going on right now. I don’t even celebrate that (bleep) because I’m black. God (bleep) national anthem.


HOWARD: Obama and all that (bleep).

You heard it, Obama ’08. So here’s an Obama supporter, another one, in addition to Reverend Jeremiah Wright saying God bleep America. This man has become wealthy in this country, Josh Howard has. And, by the way, it’s not just black athletes. There are certain black singers who are refusing to sing the national anthem at black events. They’re singing the black national anthem, whatever that is. So what’s happened here, folks, is panic has set in on the Obama side. I’ve got a piece here by Howard Fineman, and we’ve had these pieces all week long from supporters, ‘You’ve gotta get tough out there. You’re too cool. You’re too laid back. You gotta start firing back,’ and he is. He’s lying about people in television ads, he is dredging up and he is promoting racism. He is behaving like a segregationist from the 1950s. Barack Obama is a disgrace. So much for all this postracial, postpartisan, change future mantra. So much for The Messiah, the one who’s going to lower the levels of the sea. He is nothing more than a Chicago thug street organizer in the mode of Saul Alinsky, and, by the way, Saul Alinsky’s kid works for public television in Boston and wrote an op-ed congratulating Obama on executing Alinsky tactics to the T, said it was a great honor to his father. Yeah, I had it in yesterday’s Stack.

Let me tell you what happened here. After Sarah Palin was chosen and Obama started dropping in the polls, he and his hacks got together and said, look, we gotta do whatever we have to do, unleash whatever we have to unleash, say whatever we have to say, crush whomever we have to crush. This is war, take no enemies, do it now, because Obama, the bloom is off your rose, people do not see you the way you want them to see you. They don’t see you the way they saw you six months ago, and so we’re back to barroom politics here. Forget that you’re going to be called a hypocrite, doesn’t matter, people won’t remember, we’re going to so distract them by attacking them that you’ll get away with it. Obama has been running commercials in northern Virginia saying that McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and the ad says which would prevent women from getting abortions. Now, the truth is that if that ever happened it would mean that the states would decide the issue, or even Congress for that matter. Reversing Roe v. Wade would not end abortions, to my great disappointment, but nevertheless that’s the case.

Now, this guy is supposed to be a constitutional scholar. Don’t forget his resume. Constitutional scholar, he taught law, he was head of the Harvard Law Review. So you’d think he would know this. And of course he does know this, but he’s a pathological liar. He is a schemer. He is a street agitator. He doesn’t want to persuade people to agree with him. He doesn’t want to even try to tell them why they should elect him and he’s making a mistake about this because this election is going to be a referendum about him. This is not going to be an up or down on McCain; it’s going to be a referendum on Obama, and the more he continues to attack McCain and Palin the more damage he is doing to himself. I got a story from the North Carolina website yesterday. They’ve run some numbers just for North Carolina and they have concluded that Obama is going to get all the black vote. And, by the way, that’s of course not racist, all the black vote going to the black guy, that’s not racist, no, we should expect that. I mean, if all the white vote went to a white candidate, that would be racist, right? Anyway they’ve run the numbers, and this is North Carolina, but you might be able to extrapolate this to the nation at large, they have discovered out there that if he gets all the black vote, which he will, he’s going to need 36% of the white vote to win North Carolina, given turnout projections and this sort of thing, 36% of the white vote in order to win in North Carolina. And they’ve run the numbers and right now he’s not even near 30 in North Carolina.

So let’s recap here. He’s running ads in Hispanic communities that are full of lies in hope of inflaming racial hatred. This is exactly what he’s doing, and it’s really cheap and it’s low-down to run ’em in Spanish. It is an insult to Hispanics who live in this country. He is running ads in the south highlighting the white side of his family in hopes of using race to connect with those voters. He’s running ads in other parts of the country lying about abortion in hopes of gaining support with certain women. He is also lying about his role in pushing for financial reforms, and he’s also lying about his role in the stimulus package claiming it was his bill when he wasn’t even there to vote on it. He’s just a fraud. Barack Obama is a fraud. He is using commercials, he is using media, and he is using his own speeches to promote a hoax. Did you see, by the way, the New York Times announced that in August, revenues from continuing operations decreased another 8.8%. What’s next? Are we going to bail out the New York Times? And, by the way, we’re not through talking about this financial mess, folks. It’s going to be integrated in the program today but I just want to tell you, if some group had hacked into Obama’s or Biden’s private e-mail account and those of their family members, I’m just guessing here — he-he-he — I’m just guessing, but I think the reaction would be a-full- throated outrage.

There would be congressional hearings. The Democrats would be having cows, and other animals. They would be all over the place in anger and outrage, and what are we getting? ‘Palin’s E-mail Habits Echo Worst Practices of Bush Administration, Says Expert.’ So ABC picks some liberal hack, calls him an expert and then runs this garbage about her hacked e-mails. And one other thing about this ad featuring me, which a couple of pieces in the Drive-By Media have been awesome on this. Jake Tapper at ABC nuked it, so did Jonathan Martin at The Politico. But the thing about this ad, aside from taking me out of context and lying about it — and I’ve been in the rough and tumble of politics for a long time, I understand that — but using these kind of lies, and they had to see the whole transcript here, they knew they were taking this out of context. They are insulting the intelligence of Hispanics. The ad’s also going to run in Florida, by the way, as well as New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada, I believe. In fact, Obama is going to be in New Mexico this afternoon making a speech. But what’s really insulting about this is that he links me with McCain.

Everybody knows, even in the Drive-Bys, everybody knows I am not a huge fan of Senator McCain, and when it comes to amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform, Senator McCain and I are not even in the same room much less on the same page. And yet they run this ad claiming to associate me with McCain. Now, the Drive-Bys don’t question that. They promote it. But at the same time the Drive-Bys are not interested in Obama’s relationships with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, the freak Father Pfleger, and, of course, Bernardine Dohrn. It’s all unfolding before our very eyes, the genuine mean-spirited, extreme radicalism of Barack Obama. And, by the way, may I ask another question? I keep seeing Sarah Palin all over television. I see Cindy McCain all over television. I mean, there’s Sarah Palin right now in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Anybody see Michelle (My Belle) Obama lately? Watching the kids, right, she’s watching the kids. Why is she not running around with Obama? Why is she not? What’s the problem here? What are they trying to hide? This whole campaign is one of deception, deceit, and fraud. I love it. I absolutely love it. This guy is unqualified. He is not a presidential candidate; he is a presidential operative. They found somebody from an opposition research war room and they made him the candidate.


RUSH: Now, this is interesting, too. I got a couple of e-mails, just two in the Rush 24/7 account today, ‘Rush, please, we know the truth about this ad with you and Obama and McCain in the Southwest. Don’t waste your time on this, don’t let ’em distract you. You gotta keep hammering this financial thing. They’re just trying to distract you with this.’ And I thought about this, and I said, ‘Either these two people are Obama supporters that have gotten in, or they’re being too smart by half, because this is an election, the referendum is going to be up and down on Barack Obama and he’s telling us who he is now, and I have to tell you, this ad, it’s disappeared from the major dailies. The only place I can find any reference to it that doesn’t correct it is an AP story, not surprisingly an AP story, in the San Francisco Chronicle. But I do have a few things to say about this, because this ad — look, I understand the rough and tumble of politics. I’ve been around a few decades. I’ve been the target of my share of stuff.

This isn’t just about me. This is an attack on you and tens of millions of other Americans who dare to legitimately and civilly raise objections to illegal immigration. This is a pandering ad insulting the intelligence of Hispanics living in Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado; is that right? I think those are the four states. Yeah. It’s cheap that it’s done in the Spanish language, I’m sure Obama thought this would be under the radar and that nobody would ever hear about it and he’d get away with it. But this is something that goes far beyond me. This is an insult to a whole lot of people. Obama is lying to Hispanics. He is treating Hispanics with disrespect. He’s assuming they’re not bright enough to know or to learn the truth. The truth is that Barack Obama is not a unifier. We just had this two-minute ad yesterday in which he decried the old partisan politics of the past and he said we’ve gotta move beyond that, people don’t want that. What’s he doing? He is getting into the partisan politics of the past right out the Democrat Party and leftist Drive-By Media playbook. So he says one thing in public as Cool Hand Luke and so forth, ah, they swoon, and down in the trenches it’s the community agitator Saul Alinsky-trained Barack Obama, trying to manipulate Hispanics, as he has manipulated blacks, he has manipulated whites, he manipulated the middle class. He doesn’t try to persuade people to agree with him. He doesn’t try to persuade people and uplift people anymore. No, no. This is about search-and-destroy.

What kind of presidential candidate would have such contempt for his fellow citizens, what kind of presidential candidate would have such contempt for the Hispanic community that he would target them with lies because he thinks they’ll be too ignorant to learn or understand the truth? The fact is he can’t stand for them, he can’t run the risk that they will learn the truth. They have to be lied to, just as you have to be lied to. Liberalism is a lie. The only way liberalism can prosper is if it gets away with its lies. It has gotten way with lies in this financial mess, it’s gotten away with lies in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it’s gotten away with lies in the Great Society. Liberalism is a continuing, ongoing lie. They mask it well sometimes. Other times they blow it. In this case, Obama has blown it. It is obvious that this ad is a full-fledged, 100% lie, because he thinks the very people he wants to represent are too stupid and too ignorant to learn or understand the truth.

Now, what kind of legitimate presidential candidate disrespects people this way? What kind of presidential candidate spends millions in Spanish-language ads trying to manipulate people, to upset them, to anger them for the sole purpose of trying to seize their votes? You’ve heard the name Saul Alinsky. If you don’t know who Saul Alinsky is, you’re still confused, you’re watching Saul Alinsky if you pay attention to Barack Obama. To take part of a comment such as mine completely out of context knowingly, then to insert it into an ad to completely misstate its context and to do so for the purpose of inflaming racial hatred, this is what Obama is doing. He wants the audience in these four states that hear this ad to end up hating Senator McCain. All this in the hopes of gaining votes. This is as low and loathsome as it gets. Barack Obama is stoking racism in this country. There can’t be any legitimate disagreement of views. There is no other side. The other side just has to be gotten away with, or gotten rid of. He is a disgrace.

Barack Obama wants the public to think he’s Mr. Nice Guy, soft-spoken, erudite, a new kind of politician, new, fresh, unique, uniter. He’s going to come around and he’s going to just wave his hand and all of these partisan feelings of rancor are going to vanish. He is inciting partisan feelings of rancor; he is inciting hatred; he is inciting racism; he is using every tactic he can to make people as mad as he can make them, all for the purpose of manipulating them for their support. He’s Mr. Nice Guy while his thugs are in Alaska looking for dirt on Sarah Palin, hacking into her personal e-mail account while he runs race-baiting ads and lies about what he’s done and lies about what Senator McCain has done. He’s running a two-tier campaign. Chicago tactics behind the scenes, new politics imagery in front of the cameras, Barack Obama, a man whose mask has been removed. There can be no mistake who he is now. There can be no conclusion other than he is just an average Chicago thug, typical liberal Democrat politician when you strip everything else away.


RUSH: You know, we could call this The Phantom of Obama. The mask is coming off, and the view is not pretty.

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