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RUSH: I want to grab Nate in Cleveland, because, Nate, I was in Cleveland over the weekend, I was up there for the Steelers-Browns.

CALLER: What an embarrassment, let’s not talk about that.

RUSH: No, let’s do talk about that, because the people in Cleveland are great. I was out on the field before the game on Sunday, and the wind was blowing like a mother-in-law convention out there, like 35 or 40 miles per hour and I was on the Browns sideline, but the tunnel where the Steelers come out. Of course, Steelers are my team. But those Browns fans were just great. They were shouting my name and supportive, asking me for autographs. I was not able to hear most of them because of my hearing problem, but they were fabulous. It was the first time I’ve been to that stadium. It was a great time.

CALLER: Well, Cleveland fans are the best sports fans in the nation, I have to say that.

RUSH: See, that’s another thing, I’ve heard this before. How can you say you’re the best sports fans in the nation when you constantly support and pay for a loser?

CALLER: Exactly, that’s why we’re the best because even though all our teams are miserable, we still support them, we still love them. We’re not all fair weather fans.

RUSH: All right, I’m just kidding you.

CALLER: My question for you, I was wondering if you can elaborate or explain how Barack Obama can take the stance and make statements like the country can’t take another four years of economic policy like this when it wasn’t until about two years ago when actually Democrats took over Congress that consumer confidence plummeted, gas prices skyrocketed. I just don’t understand. My second question is, with comments like that that are blatantly false and it’s obvious, doesn’t take a genius to see this, how could the American public buy into it?

RUSH: Look, I don’t think they are. It would be easier if you asked me, ‘Could you tell me, Rush, why Obama decided to tell the truth today?’ Because it happens so little, or Biden, if you can say, ‘Rush, why are they telling the truth today?’ it would take me much less time to explain that. They just lie. It’s a campaign. They’re running against status quo because they’re the changemongers, the hopemongers, that’s all out the window. They’re still imploding out there, is the bottom line. Look, Nate, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. Brevity is the soul of wit and you have mastered it.


RUSH: Here’s Wayne in Cookeville, Tennessee. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hey mega Steelers dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Last night while you were in Cleveland I was watching the game on NBC and Al Michaels did a profile on a player and they played your theme music in the background. It was awesome.

RUSH: Who was the player they did the profile on?

CALLER: I don’t remember because I was so hung up on the music that I didn’t listen to Al Michaels’ profile of the player.

RUSH: Was it a Steelers player or a Browns player?

CALLER: I believe it was a Browns player.

RUSH: My City Was Gone is written by Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. She went away to pursue her rock career in Europe, and she came back and they turned her little town into a shopping mall. It’s an anti-developer song, My City Was Gone. I forget the name of the city because I haven’t listened to the lyrics in a long time. I was in the NBC booth last night.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

RUSH: I was sitting four feet to the left of the Al Michaels, and I had headphones on but during commercial breaks I took the headphones off, shootin’ the bull in there. I didn’t hear that but I got a couple text messages from people saying, ‘Hey, they’re playing your song. They’re playing your theme song on Sunday Night Football.’


RUSH: So I immediately figured out what it was, it was a welcome and a testimony to me. I was down in the truck before the game started, you know Fred Gaudelli who produced Monday Night Football for ABC just moved over to NBC, and I walked in their truck about an hour before the game. It was cool. They got all these high definition screens in there, all the late games going on, I was trying to figure out what happened with San Diego and Denver and so forth. And Fred Gaudelli says, ‘Hey, is Mike Maimone still working with you?’ Mike Maimone’s our broadcast engineer in New York. ‘Yeah, I haven’t seen Maimone in a long time.’ So I told Maimone that Fred Gaudelli said hi to him. Maimone said, ‘What happened to him when he left ABC?’ So for guys that know each other they haven’t stayed in touch. So I was the unifier, bringing Mike Maimone and Fred Gaudelli together. Those guys, it was a great time. I’ve been up in their booth three or four times watching games. It was a hoot. It always is. It’s amazing to watch how involved a live television —

CALLER: I’m a big Raider fan, and I always loved John Madden anyway.

RUSH: You would never meet a nicer guy. It was 87 degrees in the booth, and he had to put makeup on right before the open, and he walks up and he says, ‘This is why you like radio better than TV, all this caked on gunk.’ And I gave him a fist pump, you know, one of those Michelle Obama terrorist fist pumps. Amen, bro.


RUSH: Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters.org says that NBC was playing My City Was Gone, my theme song, on a profile of Ben Roethlisberger. Nobody associates that song with Roethlisberger. They associate it with me.

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