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RUSH: They’re coming unhinged. I mean, it’s more unhinged than I dreamed possible. She’s qualified. The only reason she’s a vice president is because she hasn’t had an abortion? That was said by the South Carolina Democratic Party chairwoman, Dawn. How must his mother feel? You remember the convention, Biden said, ‘My mom taught me, somebody knocks you down, a bully knocks you down, you get up and you bloody their nose.’ Do you think after being knocked down by Sarah Palin all these times, Biden is getting up and going out and saying Hillary would have been a better pick is bloodying Palin’s nose? His mother’s gotta be sadly disappointed the way Biden’s handling himself here. Biden is like Wile E. Coyote. Biden is exactly like Wile E. Coyote. All of these bombs that he sets up blow up on him.


RUSH: You know, folks, look at what’s happening here in this campaign. It’s not just happening to the Democrats. It is happening to the media, and I don’t think they realize it. Not nearly as much — and I think some Democrats don’t get it. Some do.

But when you’ve got people out there saying… This is pathological. This defies explanation. We have now sound bites from three Democrats saying this line: ‘Well, Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.’ Democrats who just constantly preach about separation of church and state are saying this? Steve Cohen said it on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday, after the prayer that opened the session. What did Pontius Pilate do? Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus Christ to death by virtue of crucifixion. They’re comparing Pontius Pilate to Sarah Palin? Just who has Sarah Palin sentenced to death via crucifixion? What are they thinking? Who is the modern day messiah? Barack Obama. Folks, I don’t think they realize this. I really don’t think they realize they’re being bitten by the very beliefs and policies that they have. Here you have this woman in South Carolina, the wife of Don Fowler.

Now, Don Fowler was the guy caught on an airplane going back to South Carolina from Denver from their convention, saying that the hurricane heading into New Orleans was a gift from God; showing that God was on the Democrats’ side. His wife comes out (she has since apologized for it) and says that Sarah Palin’s qualification is apparently that she hasn’t had an abortion. Then you’ve got Matt Damon, a genuine celebutard with some of the most ridiculous things. We’ve got the audio sound bite. I’ve got the story here. Don’t they understand that this celebrity thing has really stuck with Obama, the Drive-Bys don’t like it, Obama doesn’t like it, the accusation he’s nothing more than a pop culture celebrity. If I’m Obama — and Obama says he’s running his campaign, by the way — he says he is personally running his campaign, 2,500 employees. Three hundred of them, by the way, advise him on foreign policy. Well, he’s gotta be sitting there saying, ‘Would you people shut up?’ Now he’s got Biden out there saying that Hillary would have been a better choice than Biden.

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