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RUSH: ‘South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a running mate ‘whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” What kind of hate is it these people harbor? Fowler told Alex Burns of The Politico in an interview ‘that the selection of an opponent of abortion rights would not boost McCain among many women. ‘Among Democratic women and even among independent women, I don’t think it helped him,’ she said. Told of McCain’s boost in the new ABC/Washington Post among white women following the Palin pick, Fowler said: ‘Just anecdotally, I believe that those white women are Republican women anyway.” Oh, really, they were going to vote for Obama and they’ve now switched?

‘South Carolina Democrat Party chair Carol Fowler facing criticism for her remark to Politico’s Alex Burns about Sarah Palin issued an apology: ‘I personally admire and respect the difficult choices that women make everyday, and I apologize to anyone who finds my comment offensive.” That would be everybody. ‘I clumsily was making a point about people in South Carolina who may vote based on a single issue. Whether it’s the environment, the economy, the war or a woman’s right to choose, there are people who will cast their vote based on a single issue. That was the only point I was attempting to make.’

Also last night, Jack Spratt, Democrat, South Carolina, put out a statement saying, ‘I cannot believe that Carol Fowler made such a statement. I want to make it clear that she speaks for herself and not for me or the Democrat Party. Her statement about Governor Palin is outrageous and wrong because Sarah Palin’s qualifications are quite evident.’ Jack Spratt, Democrat, South Carolina. Apologize. You shoulda stuck with it, Carol. You said what you meant to say the first time around.


RUSH: Spokane, Washington, William, you’re next. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Listen, I’ve been a Democrat for 22 years, and today was my final straw. I’m voting for John McCain. I just can’t… You know, it’s too much what my party is doing. Destroying this lady, comparing him to God, saying he has more experience as a community organizer. Jesus wasn’t a community organizer; he was a carpenter. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. They’re dropping these people in Alaska to dig up dirt on this woman that the only thing she’s done is got married and PTA and mayor and governor and raised her family? I mean, it’s just so stupid.

RUSH: Okay, well, you’re a Democrat. You said you’ve grown tired, you’ve had your fill of this. Do you understand why they’re doing this?

CALLER: Well, ’cause they’re scared, I guess.

RUSH: Well, yeah, they’re scared, but I mean there’s a specific reason why they’re doing that, and I’m glad you called, William, to be able to explain this to you, because it’s similar to the way they went after Clarence Thomas. Sarah Palin destroys the myth of years and years and years of liberalism and what it’s been taught. Sarah Palin is exactly what the Democrats and their feminist leaders have been suggesting that a woman can be. Now that she is a Republican doing this, without being a liberal and without going through the liberal prescriptions, she represents a huge threat to their ability to hold on. See, the Democrat Party is nothing more than an amalgamation of various constituency groups. You have labor. You have subdivisions of labor, like the teachers union and the service international workers, the autoworkers and so forth.

It’s not so much that the members vote Democrat, but their money is required in dues and the union leaders donate to Democrats. Then you have the feminists, and the feminists are just a camouflage for another tentacle of liberalism in the Democrat Party, and that’s what this is showing. Feminism is not about women. It’s about advancing liberal women. The thing that Carol Fowler said, folks, there is more truth to what she said than they will ever want to admit. That’s why so many Democrats are running out distancing themselves from her, because it is about abortion. Abortion is the sacrament to the religion of liberalism, and when Carol Fowler goes, ‘The only qualification is she’s never had an abortion,’ that’s what this is about. The fact that this woman has given birth to a Down syndrome baby? I actually think that having given birth to a Down syndrome baby is also something that bugs the hell out of them, because they’re out there advocating this not happen, and here’s a happy family, happy child.

These pictures from that convention are just destroying decades of work that the liberals have attempted to inculcate the minds of their supporters. Then after you’ve got the feminist tentacle of liberalism, then you’ve got civil rights coalitions, and you have all of these groups, and they’re all given seats at the table of power of the Democrat Party. Why does Jesse Jackson have any power? Jesse Jackson has power because the Democrats give him a seat at their table of power in exchange for delivering 90% of the black vote every four years, ditto Al Sharpton. That’s what their usefulness is. It’s the same thing with all these other constituency groups. So liberalism is a series of deceits. Liberalism seeks to deceive as many people as possible. Liberalism cannot be honest about what it really hopes to achieve, what it is and what it wants to be. It has to cover it up. What’s happening here is that the reality of people like Sarah Palin and McCain and conservatism in general are exposing what is the fraud, the lie, the deceit of liberalism for everyone to see, and that’s why they’re scared.


RUSH: It might help, ladies and gentlemen, to understand or help to explain this irrational, pathological hatred now pouring out of practically every Democrat mouth in the country today. It’s not so much personal hatred for Sarah Palin, it’s what she represents. Some of it is personal. We’ve been through some of the characteristics that she possesses that they hate. So some of it is personal, but it’s larger than that. It’s that she is likable, lovable, that she is causing people to embrace her. This is what liberals want for themselves. This is how liberals want to be treated. They want the mass, the proletariat, if you will, to think they are second to none. So they’re jealous, they can’t stand that she is putting the lie to everything they believe in. But do not underestimate the fear that courses through their veins now over abortion because of Sarah Palin’s example. I got into a lot of trouble way back early on in this program — I’m talking about 20 years ago, 1988, 1989, as I said back then, and it was true, and we’ve got evidence. You got a Planned Parenthood clinic, and you have, say, a building or a center where some people operate, and they try to get women who are headed into the abortion clinic to come over to the other building and maybe talk about adoption.

The Planned Parenthood people would blow a gasket, not just ’cause the money they would lose, ’cause it’s a big cash cow, abortion is for the people that perform it. They had to have as many abortions happen as possible in order to further the political agenda that was feminism. This is 20 years ago now, and the abortion issue has sort of moderated a bit because we’ve learned that it never was the 80-20% issue that the Democrats and the Drive-Bys always tried to convince us it was. It was never 20% of the American people trying to stop it. At best it was a 50-50 issue. And now they’re on the losing side of it, just like they’ve lost the gun control argument. Now, they will not admit that they’ve lost the abortion argument just as they make lip service about supporting your right to hunt and have a gun for that purpose, but folks, we had stories. Let me tell you another story, just to illustrate for you my point here that I’m right about this. This story happened when I was still working in Sacramento. So this would have been 1986 or ’87. At Kaiser Permanente hospital down in Oakland, man and woman, not married, she’s pregnant, all of a sudden something happens, she’s in the hospital, she’s brain dead, the baby is alive. I think she was four or five months pregnant, and the doctors say, ‘If you could just keep her on the life support systems, the baby will be born fine and dandy and healthy.’ The father wanted the baby. The mother’s parents didn’t.

So there became a court battle over the future of the baby, which was alive and well in the womb. The father wanted the kid, even though he was not married, that was his problem, he didn’t have a legal right to it ’cause Roe v. Wade says, man doesn’t get to choose what happens here, it’s the woman, and in her case, her guardian was her parents. So here was a guy who — black couple, by the way — here’s a guy who wants the baby, but he had no right, no choice. I don’t remember what happened, all I remember is the fight over it. And the National Organization for Women got involved in this, because they were hell-bent if they were going to let a man make the decision that a baby in the womb was going to be born because that would throw Roe v. Wade just out the window ’cause Roe v. Wade specifically says a woman can do whatever she wants to do with her own body. So the point is, abortion is a political issue. It always has been. It is more important to the left than you can possibly imagine. This whole women’s right to choose, pro-choice and all this sorta stuff, go out and tell ’em you’re pro-choice, you just choose life, and see what happens to you. They will not let you say you’re pro-choice. You have to be pro-life in that case. So pro-choice has always meant pro-abortion. It has never meant anything else.

The dirty little secret is that the people that they were promoting having abortions were actually minorities, poor people, their own future voters. It was typical Democrat liberal elitism. And now Sarah Palin comes along and just nukes it. She and her family are happy, and it hasn’t caused them any trouble at all. Simply by standing there with the baby, simply by having the seven-year-old little girl moisten her lips and wet her little brother’s hair to mat it down while on TV, innocent little gesture that was not programmed, nobody could have rehearsed that or made that happen at the time, nobody would have known the camera was on them, just by being there, just by being there, liberalism was nuked in front of 40 million people, and the Democrats know it, and that’s why they have to destroy Sarah Palin. That and many other reasons.

Now, from LifeSiteNews, get this. This is from Trenton. ‘US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s loving and highly-publicized acceptance of her Down’s syndrome child Trig has some Canadian doctors worried that her example may lead to mothers shunning abortion after diagnosis of Down’s syndrome. Dr. Andre Lalonde, executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC), told the Globe and Mail yesterday, ‘Palin’s decision to keep her baby, knowing he would be born with the condition, may inadvertently influence other women who may lack the necessary emotional and financial support to do the same. The worry is that this will have an implication for abortion issues in Canada,’ he said. Under the facade of ‘freedom to choose’, Lalonde said that ‘popular messages’ about women like Palin, who choose not to kill their unborn children, ‘could have detrimental effects on women and their families.”

This is how sick and perverted and corrupt the left has become on the issue of the sanctity of life. But this little innocent story out of Canada shows you exactly why Sarah Palin represents such a threat. Do you believe these words? ‘Under the facade of ‘freedom to choose’, Lalonde said that ‘popular messages’ about women like Palin, who choose not to kill their unborn children, ‘could have detrimental effects on women and their families,” meaning giving birth could be detrimental. This reminds me, harkens me back to the days where they tried to sell the notion that pregnancy was actually a sickness, that it was actually an illness and represented a huge medical risk, the fetus an unviable tissue mass, all that garbage, you remember? So, lo and behold, here comes an average American woman who has led a rich, full, genuinely American life, and every aspect of it has sent these people into conniption fits, the likes of which even I have not seen. This ‘Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor,’ Good Lord. I don’t even understand the thought process of somebody that comes up with that and thinks that it is somehow persuasive and somehow damns Sarah Palin. It’s just pathological. It is insane.

Now, what is this? This is from Rich Galen’s website: ‘Good Morning America thinks that you are not smart enough to buy health insurance.’ Their doctor reporter, Tim Johnson, commenting on the McCain health care plan: ‘The idea that individuals are going to have enough knowledge and enough savvy and enough insight and, frankly, enough guts to make choices all by themselves is pretty much a pipe dream.’ Liberals think that you are stupid, and some of you may be because you keep electing these people. This fulfills the bill here, condescending arrogance, you are incapable of taking care of yourself, and that’s part of Palin, too. If there was ever a self-reliant woman and family, it is the Palin family, and of course the McCain family as well. Everything that’s happening here is just throwing a monkey wrench into everything the liberals have tried to sell these many years. It’s really a delight to see this stuff. But at the same time, it has me incredulous. Those two quotes that we’ve heard the past two days, she’s only qualified because she hasn’t had an abortion, Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor. Jeremiah Wright was a community organizer, too.

Where does this stuff stop? They are polluting the American landscape with their political discourse, and it will not work, it will not work. This country, trust me on this, folks, this country does not think like these people. This country is not excited when these people open their mouths, and it probably is a blessing. This is one of the greatest things that could have happened, to have the liberals be so out in the open about their corruption, about their pervertedness, about the fact that they’re not the nicest people around, they’re not the most tolerant, they’re not the most compassionate. They are just the opposite. They are the most restrictive, they are the meanest, they are the most impolitic and impolite, they’re racists, they look at everybody as a member of a group, they do identity politics, they see everybody as a victim, they have no faith in anybody, and they don’t want you to be able to take care of yourself. It’s not that they try to beat you down into thinking you can’t, they don’t want you to be able to. They want you miserable; they want you suffering; they want you whining, moaning, and crying. They want you hating somebody like Sarah Palin. They want you hating somebody like John McCain, like they hate. They are not the font of compassion. They are a sewer of hate, and the lid and the manhole cover is finally off the sewer, and the stench is all over this country for everybody to smell and see now.


RUSH: By the way, whatever happened to that left-wing mantra, ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother’? Sarah Palin’s baby with Down syndrome, Trig, is their joy, not their burden. Yet the left looks at a baby like that as a burden, and they don’t understand why a woman would burden herself like this. They really can’t. You know what this highlights, folks? You know, before this choice was made — I’m speaking to those of you in the conservative base — you know where you were before this choice was made. You were in the wilderness. You were not enthusiastic at all about this election because you didn’t see anybody standing up for what you really believed in. All of a sudden this choice has been made, and guess what’s happened?

The American left, the elites and all of these lunatic, fringe, insane asylum members that shape that party have surfaced, and what they have done — with their malice, with their slander, with their libel toward Sarah Palin, what have they done? They have ignited, reignited something that we thought had long gone by the wayside as far as at the forefront is determined, and that’s this culture war stuff. They are forcing us to see just exactly who they are and what they would do with their power. It’s not enough for me to sit here and say, ‘Look, they want to redefine Americanism.’ They don’t like the Americanism of the founding, which is based on conservative principles: Individual liberty, freedom, responsibility, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

They want to redefine what Americanism is, and we see now via this campaign what exactly that is. And we see that it is a bunch of people filled with rage and anger. They are mean-spirited. They have no compassion whatsoever. Everything they claim to be is 180 degrees wrong. So the rallying cry, the American left and their reaction over the top Sarah Palin has done more to unite the Republican conservative base than I’ve seen it united in 14 years — and a united, active, involved Republican conservative base does not lose. It’s just that simple. You might think, ‘Well, Rush, they’re going to get a handle on this stuff and they’ll stuff this stuff.’

They’ll not be able to. There are too many lunatics that have no official tie to the Democrat Party. I mean, if somebody — an unknown lunatic fringe blogger — can post that line about Jesus Christ was community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor, and if Donna Brazile picks it up from the Washington Post blog from an anonymous source, Steve Cohen reads from it on the floor of the House of Representatives, I guarantee, they’re not going to be able to shut these people up. They’re going to think that there’s more brilliance like that right around the corner. All this is a testament to how desperate and tenuous they know their situation is.

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