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RUSH: Last night, Late Show with David Letterman, interviewed The Messiah, Barack Obama, the Most Merciful. Letterman says, ‘Let me ask you a question here. Have you ever actually put lipstick on a pig?’

OBAMA: The answer would be no. (rimshot) But I think it might be fun to try. (rimshot)

LETTERMAN: I know the reaction to that was you were overreacting. You stand by that?

OBAMA: Absolutely. Look, this is, uh — if you, uh — this is sort of silly season in politics. (rimshot) Not that there’s a non-silly season in politics. (rimshot)

LETTERMAN: That’s right.

OBAMA: But it gets sillier.


OBAMA: And, uh, yeah, it’s a common expression in at least Illinois, I don’t know about New York City. I don’t know what you put lipstick on here. (rimshot) But in Illinois, the expression connotes the idea that if you have a bad idea, in this case I was talking about John McCain’s economic plans, that just calling them ‘change,’ calling it something different doesn’t make it better, hence lipstick on a pig.


OBAMA: It’s still a pig. (rimshot)

RUSH: Obama continuing his turn here as a comedy act. He just needs the cigar and a cocktail glass here going out with his partner in crime, David Letterman. Then in the next bite, Barry goes on to explain what he would have meant if he had been referring to Sarah Palin, which he says he wasn’t.

OBAMA: Keep in mind that technically she — had I meant it this way, she would be the lipstick. (rimshot)

LETTERMAN: Well, you’re —

OBAMA: But —

LETTERMAN: Now we’re, I don’t know, you’re way ahead of me.

OBAMA: The failed policies of John McCain would be the pig.

RUSH: That’s Barack Obama on Letterman last night. He wants to drop this stuff, right? He told the press yesterday, ‘Enough, enough,’ and guess who won’t drop it? Obama won’t drop it. These guys, the Drive-Bys, they are bemoaning — and I’ve got a couple stories here — they’re just, ‘Oh, you know, this lipstick and a pig business, it’s just so silly, can we move on to something serious?’ Remember these people went nuts over Macaca, George Allen and Macaca, they went nuts over it until they effectively killed his campaign. But now that it’s happened to their guy, now we just want to move on, these things just happen, of course in campaigns people say so many things. We have a montage here of Drive-By Media people bemoaning having to cover the lipstick story.

MATTHEWS: The political news of this day which we have to cover, this debate over lipstick.

COOPER: I don’t want to talk about the lipstick story.

CHETRY: All the hubbub about the lipstick.

GERGEN: We hit a new low, here we are, the lipstick again.

KING: Where we going to go with this lipstick and pig thing?

MADISON: This whole thing about the lipstick controversy was the dumbest thing.

MALVEAUX: Hopefully we won’t hear too much more about that.

MADDOW: We haven’t discussed the lipstick story you’ve been hearing all day. I think it’s a made-up story.

RUSH: It’s not a made-up story, and your candidate continues to talk about it.


RUSH: The Drive-Bys and Obama and everybody else says, ‘Please, just drop this lipstick stuff so we don’t have to cover the lipstick story. Could you drop it?’ Fine, fine. We’ll drop lipstick and we’ll go back to this.

WRIGHT: Not God bless America, God (bleep) America! It’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God (bleep) America! And now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yaaaaards? America’s chickenssss are coming home to roost.

RUSH: The words of another famous community organizer, Jeremiah Wright, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the official pastor to Barack Obama and his wife Michelle (My Belle) Obama and their two little girls. Community organizer Jeremiah Wright. So if you want to get off of lipstick, we’ll go back to J. Wright. If you don’t want us to go there, tell where you want us to go. We’ll find a place to go. I guarantee you, you won’t like where we end up. So Joe Biden says Hillary is a better VP pick than he is. Palin, Sarah Palin, has knocked down Obama-Biden. She’s bullied them, right? She’s bullied them. They’re on the mat. Now, what does Biden do? (laughing) Look at what they’ve done. They’ve dropped 30 attorneys on Juneau.

They’ve got wads of cash trying to find out any dirt story they can in Alaska. Then they call her a book burner through surrogates. Carol Fowler saying Governor Palin’s ‘sole qualification is her not having had an abortion.’ Obama goes on Letterman, starts cracking jokes; Biden goes out and says Hillary would have been a better VP pick than he was. I remember the convention Biden telling us that his mother said, ‘When they start bloodying you, when they knock you down, you get up and you bloody the bully’s nose.’ Would Biden’s mother be proud today of how this is all shaking out? I’ll tell you what, folks, not only is Joe Biden Wile E. Coyote — the bombs he sets blowing up on him — but I’ll tell you, you give this guy, I give joe Biden a live microphone, he’s going to end up giving himself a colonoscopy.

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