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Rush’s Morning Update: Remember
September 11, 2008

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Seven years ago, America was blindsided. Nineteen terrorists, possessed by evil, brought down the Twin Towers, blew a hole in the Pentagon, crashed a plane in Pennsylvania –leaving 3,000 Americans dead.

Al-Qaeda’s war on America had already claimed hundreds of American livesthrough embassy bombings, the USS Cole bombing, and other attacks, but the Clinton administration treated them as criminal cases– deliberately handicapping our intelligence agencies and foregoing a strong military response.

In the immediate hours after the 9/11 attacks, Drive-By journalists sneered that President Bush was “running scared” aboard Air Force One. Within days, Clinton associates were quoted wishing the attacks had occurred on his watch, so Bill could have had a chance at greatness.

Democrat leader Tom Daschle attacked Bush for doing nothingon what turned out to be the eve of our military operations in Afghanistan. Democrat political memos suggested Bush’s popularity could be diminished by branding him a liar. Hillary Clinton echoed the conspiracy-based claim that “Bush knew” about the attacks beforehand.

Left-wing Hollywood’s revisionist-history movie– Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11– was released; as was Senator Jay Rockefeller’s memo to Democrats, strategizing how to use the war for political gain.

Seven years later, George W. Bush’s popularity is diminished. Video of the 9/11 attacks are rarely seen. Our victories in this war on terror are downplayed. But tens of thousands of Al-Qaeda terrorists are dead, and there have been no more attacks on American soil. Remember that today.

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