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RUSH: This is September the 10th. This is the eve of the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, and you know what congressional Democrats have done? They have released a report attacking the Bush administration. This report, issued by the Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees, claims that the Bush administration has failed to provide the American people the security they expect and deserve. They charge that there’s been a failure to provide rail and bus security, cargo screening, failure to promote democracies abroad, failure to capture weapons of mass destruction. This is unbelievable. We have not had a single attack on our soil since 9/11, 2001.

There has been no bus blown up. There has been no train blown up. There has been no cargo that allowed a bomb to get into the country and go off. Failure to promote democracies abroad? What the hell is Iraq about, in part? Anybody who has paid attention since 9/11, you want to talk issues, Barry, we’re talking issues here. Anybody who’s paid any attention at all since 9/11 knows that this report is a joke. For the last seven years, Democrats have engaged in a systematic campaign to undermine our national security for political gain, including Obama, who still, as recently as this weekend made the case that terrorists caught on the battlefield need to be read their rights. Every step of the way for the last seven years Democrats have obstructed our mission aimed at national security. They have fought against surveillance of terror targets. They have fought against funding the military while it’s destroying Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their Senate leader, Harry Reid, called the war a failure. He said, ‘This war is lost.’

Their presidential candidate still will not admit the troop surge in Iraq worked, and he will not say that he would support it again if he had the chance. They have gone to court to give terrorists at Club Gitmo constitutional rights, while at the same time smearing our troops, comparing them to Nazi thugs. Since 9/11, the Bush administration has acted, and the results are not one major terror attack on our soil, not a bus, not a train, not a port, for seven years, thanks in part to the Bush administration breaking up terror plots, thwarted by methods Democrats still to this day protest using. Instead of action to secure America, Democrats write reports which are nothing more than election-year political propaganda. They have failed atrociously. They have abused the power that has been vested in them. We cannot trust this Democrat Party to protect this country, to lead this country; we cannot afford to take the chance because these people have not shown they have one iota’s worth of competence or even interest in protecting this country. They want to blame this country. You want issues, Obama, take those.

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