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RUSH: So let me see if I understand this, ladies and gentlemen. Joe Biden over the weekend wanted to know when Sarah Palin is going to go on a news talk show. This would be Obama’s running mate here. Obama himself, of course, refusing to appear at every single one-on-one town hall debate proposed by McCain, Barack Obama refusing to show up there, has his vice president, ‘When’s she going to go on television, huh?’ and ABC, Charles Gibson, is going to spend two days with Sarah Palin doing a profile in Alaska, and The Politico is reporting that ABC is hunkering down as a news organization should, trying to research the toughest questions they can, not gotcha questions, not trick questions, but tough questions on policy and so forth. People have seen Sarah Palin in debates, they have seen her interviewed. Every time, since the moment this announcement of her candidacy has been made, since it was made, every time the libs and their cohorts in the media thought that they had her nailed to the wall as an incompetent, who is inexperienced, she rams it right back down their throats. This is going to be no different, and it’s funny now, the desperation that the left has arrived at. Their guy has lost his lead in the polls, their guy cannot speak extemporaneously, their guy has lost his mojo. This guy has lost everything that he had. I’m talking about Obama.

The blogs, the kook fringe blogs, have just mounted some of the most ridiculous charges against Sarah Palin, so much so that multiple fact-checking organizations have put the lie to every one of them. Not one of these outrageous charges, banning books, opposing contraception, all this sort of stuff, not one of them is true. Kirsten Powers, who is a liberal media babe, she appears on Fox, she writes in the New York Post, is fed up with it. She has a column today in which she just rues the tack that the Democrats are taking and rips them for the mistake that they made. The title of her piece is, ‘How Obama Blew It.’ I mean, even Newsweek’s gotten into the act of fact-checking all these lies, and where do these lies start? These lies start in the kook fringe of the left-wing blogosphere and they got out there because the Drive-Bys just accepted it and ran with it, which is all redounding to our benefit, by the way. So much of this is just going as well as it could be expected to go because so many truths are being revealed to a wider, wider audience. In fact, the polling question we’ve got now from Gallup, McCain up 15 points among independents. Now, this is a registered voters poll. This is not likely voters, so you have to think, okay, 15 points, likely voters is better, but registered voters we’ll take. But how did he do that? How did all this happen?

See, this is why we were so frustrated, folks, for so long. We were in the wilderness shouting to our own party, ‘You gotta listen to us!’ Fifteen points up, registered voters in the Gallup daily tracking poll with independents? How do you think that happened? That happened with Mrs. Palin, and it happened with a conservative agenda. When the McCain campaign moved to the right, it brought these independents aboard. I’ve always said this would happen if it were done properly. In addition, 20-point shift in white women for McCain. White women have moved from 50 to 42% in Obama’s favor before the conventions to 53-41% for McCain now. That’s a 20-point shift. That’s ABC News. Let’s go to the audio sound bites and listen to the Drive-Bys discuss polls. The same Drive-By Media who tell us that polls are everything, who judge the entire state of the country based on George Bush’s approval polls, who judge the entire mood of the country based on their economic polls, suddenly now caution us that McCain’s rise in the polls is meaningless, just a bounce, take a deep breath. Here’s a montage. We have Rosa Brooks, Los Angeles Times; the demoted Chris Matthews, from DNCTV; Dan Blather from HDNet; NBC’s Matt Lauer; Jeff Toobin at CNN, Mike Barnicle from the Boston Herald; and Mika Brzezinski from DNCTV.

BROOKS: McCain is enjoying a bounce in the polls, stuff goes up, and then goes ‘boing,’ right back down again.

MATTHEWS: That bounce disappears after a week or two.

RATHER: I’m not a great believer in polls. They can disappear overnight.

LAUER: We need to take a breath on these polls.

BROKAW: We have to take a breath at this point because these polls have a half-life.

TOOBIN: I also think people need to take a deep breath and relax.

BARNICLE: Running down the daily polls yesterday and today. I think they’re rather meaningless.

BRZEZINSKI: We know there tends to be an over-analysis of polls.

GEIST: Tomorrow NBC/Wall Street Journal polls come out and wipe all this other stuff off.

RUSH: So all of a sudden the polls don’t mean anything now. Here’s a bunch of news organizations which literally poll in order to create news and try to influence public opinion rather than take polls that reflect public opinion now all of a sudden say, ‘Ah, it doesn’t matter.’ They’re so discombobulated. I do want to caution you about these polls precisely because they are used to shape public opinion. I don’t trust ’em, either, ’cause I don’t trust the people doing these polls. There’s only one point in time in this cycle where they want to be right, and that is the last week of the election. Their credibility hinges on being right as it relates to the election returns. But from now until about a week, maybe weekend prior to the election, you’re going to see these polls used as the Drive-Bys think they need to be used in order to help Obama. Now, I know that might sound like a rash statement, but come on, folks, we see it, we know it, the truth is there, it’s apparent for all to see.
They’re in the tank for Obama and they’re going to do anything they can to get him elected, which is probably also going to redound to our benefit. But nevertheless, so they can put out a poll now that shows McCain way up among independents, way up among women, or way up in general. What was it over the weekend, USA Today/Gallup had McCain up 10 among likely voters, and I got a bunch of e-mails at home, people all excited. I said, ‘Calm down, calm down. It won’t long before that gap narrows and the press will do stories about the fighting comeback, the amazing resurgence of The One, Obama.’ (interruption) Well, I know he’s floundering badly. They’re going to do everything they can. Some of the things that I have heard him say on the campaign trail over the weekend, I’m beginning to question, not just this whole Messiah thing, but what’s genuinely up there between the ears, what’s really up there. I’ve long thought — and we can go to the archives and establish this — I’ve long thought this guy is an empty suit and is really good when things are written for him, but on his own he’s one of these pseudo-intelligent people, these pseudo-intellectuals.

He pulls it off with his manner of speaking and his aura of thoughtfulness and so forth. But it’s not there, just isn’t there. And I think, the Democrats, I asked last week, how long is it going to be before they realize they gotta get rid of Biden? I wonder how many of them are thinking, ‘Gee, what did we do here? We didn’t even really vet this guy and he’s our nominee.’ They’re just making mistake after mistake after mistake, but don’t be fooled. This is going to be brutal. The people that want this guy elected are not going to let him stand in the way of his own success. They’ll do whatever they can to help him. Let me play one more sound bite for you. The sound bites that you just heard, the montage of media bigs saying we need to take a breath on these polls, where did they get that spin? Where did they get that analysis? They got it, my friends, from the Obama campaign talking points. Here is CNN info babe Betty Nguyen interviewing campaign spokesman for Obama, Bill Burton.

BURTON: Well, I think folks ought to take a deep breath. This is a close race, we’re a deeply divided electorate. Trust me, nobody’s losing any sleep at our campaign. These national polls right now are completely meaningless. These polls are going to go up and down and the national polls are pretty much completely meaningless at this point.

RUSH: And here is ‘US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may be struggling to nudge ahead of his Republican rival in polls at home, but people across the world want him in the White House,’ according to a BBC poll. And then his campaign advisor, David Plouffe, let me get this one for you, told a Washington Post reporter, ‘Your poll is wrong.’ David Plouffe told the Washington Post reporter, ‘Your poll is wrong.’ The poll that shows Obama losing 20 points to McCain with women, female voters, ‘Your poll’s wrong.’ Now, one caveat. I hate to say, Burton has a point here about national polls. Here’s how they’re worthwhile. They’re worthwhile for pumping people up or depressing people, but it’s these individual state polls that matter because this is a country that elects its president via the Electoral College, so the national polls are a good indication when your guy happens to be up in the national polls, yeah, yeah, can pump you up, keep motivated and so forth. On the contrary it can depress you if your guy is not doing well, but you gotta look at these state-by-state polls. (interruption) A question from the program observer. What is it, Mr. Snerdley? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. The Obama trend since last March has been plummeting, the Obama trend plummeting. Well, it was a steady decline. Now it’s a plummet, in a lot of polls it is a plummet. He got no bounce, McCain and Palin did.


RUSH: Barack Obama — The Messiah, the Most Merciful — just did a press conference to respond to President Bush today, who made a speech and some remarks about our success in Iraq. And it’s funny. I knew Obama would have to do this, go out there. Whenever Bush does a press conference and talks about the success of the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the war on terror, the Democrats run out and say, ‘He’s politicizing the war! He’s politicizing the war!’ They start crying foul, running around like stuck pigs. Of course, they can politicize the war all they want by ripping it, by hoping for defeat, by investing in defeat, by owning defeat. Bush goes out there and tells a great story about what’s going on in Iraq — starting in January, maybe 8,000 US troops will come home from Iraq — and Obama gave his little remarks about the war. He always opposed it. It was wrong, drastic change in our foreign policy.

They went to the Q&A and asked him about polls. They asked the anointed one about polls, and he said the same thing that you just heard from our audio sound bite montage. ‘Well, you know, these polls are swinging up and they’re swinging down. You gotta take a deep breath here.’ That’s their message today: that the polls don’t count. Of course you can’t blame ’em, except these are the people that live and die by the polls. By the way, here’s another one. (laughing) I mentioned the BBC poll, by the way, which is a poll of people around the world, a majority of whom ostensibly want Obama. You watch how that one is played up while they ignored all these domestic polls. ‘Ahhh, it’s just, you know, gotta take a deep breath. These things have a half-life. Ah, it’s no big deal.’ Watch them play up the BBC poll. That’s what they will do.

‘More Americans would cast ballots for Republican Sarah Palin than for Democrat Joe Biden if they were able to vote for a vice president independent of their presidential choice, a US poll released Tuesday found. CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll of 1,022 adults taken September 5-7 found that if voters were allowed to vote just for president in November, the result would be a statistical tie between’ Obama and McCain, 49-48. But Palin trounces Biden 53-44, a nine-point edge. She is the difference in this campaign, and the difference is because she is a conservative. The identity politics of the left is fascinating to watch. All of these feminist women, all of these left-wing Democrat women are coming out and trashing her, for the most base of reasons, the most silly of reasons.

Their worldview is being shaken up because, for example, this week they could not believe that I would support a woman. They could not believe that evangelicals would vote for a woman who works. They have such a narrow, cliched worldview of conservatives and religious people, that they cannot properly analyze anything. So whereas the people in our party and a lot of others who are excited about Sarah Palin, are excited about her not because she’s a woman, because she’s competent, because she’s conservative, and because she’s going to wipe this country with Obama’s rear end before it’s all over — and Joe Biden’s, too. This is what we have been asking for. She delivers, she defends, she attacks. She represents everything that we believe in ideologically (for the most part; nobody is pure).

And we have been waiting for this kind of elected political demonstration of leadership for the longest time, and we’ve got it. We don’t care whether it’s a woman. We don’t care if it’s a black woman. We don’t care if it’s a Martian. But they are the ones that practice all this identity politics. Of course this is not the right. So many of the myths that are liberalism, are just blowing up in these people’s faces, folks. I just love it. And some of them know it. Willie Brown, ‘The Democrats are in trouble — Former mayor of San Francisco, former speaker of the California Assembly, in TIME Magazine, sounded the alarm over Governor Palin.’ Actually, TIME is reprinting this. He had an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle. ‘Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign. [T]he Republicans are now on offense,’ as I said, ‘and Democrats are on defense. And we don’t do well on defense.’

Willie Brown understands what the Democrats face. Here’s something else. Whether it’s Sarah Palin, her surge, or a new McCain ad smacking Obama around, the only effective response the Obama campaign has is to release a highly produced ad. Biden can’t respond unscripted in an interview. He isn’t an attack dog. He wets himself when Palin’s name is mentioned, folks. Obama isn’t any better. Obama either changes a previously held position or lies or wanders aimlessly in search of a thought when challenged with a simple question, because these guys cannot tell the truth. So they’ve gotta remember what lie they told when so that they don’t get contradicted. Every time — every time — Obama and Biden take to the airwaves, they screw things up worse than they were before they started talking.

It’s kind of laughable, and it’s entertaining to watch at the same time. Obama and Biden are McCain and Palin’s best surrogates, unintentionally. Right now the Obama campaign desperately needs their candidate to be capable of going out in public and making his case. Go on the Sunday shows, do interview after interview and dazzle the folks the way Clinton did. But he can’t. That strategy won’t fly. It’s not a viable option. Obama never looks or sounds presidential and the polls are just now beginning to reflect that, as more and more people are paying attention to Obama. You and I pay attention year round to this stuff, but traditionally, after the Labor Day holiday and the conventions, that’s when people en masse start paying more attention. And the bloom is off the Obama rose. He just doesn’t look or sound presidential, particularly off the cuff.

The star, The Messiah, The One, is not a weapon to be deployed. As of right now, all Obama has is hope that Sarah Palin will make a mistake. You can’t even count on his campaign staff, otherwise known as the Drive-By Media. They keep shooting themselves in the foot, too. Their angry bias, their smears, their second-rate propaganda isn’t working and it is exposing them for who they are. More and more of Obama’s campaign staff (i.e., the Drive-By Media) keeps being laid off, in fact, losing jobs. His campaign staff continues to shrink. So all that’s left is the candidate: Barack Obama. That is why Obama will not debate McCain in town hall settings. The candidate is not capable of making his case. All these recent interviews have been disasters for Obama and Biden. Now Obama, all of a sudden, is starting to sound like a Republican. He’s for charter schools. No, he’s not, but he says so, and he’s going to delay his tax increases ’til after the recession. I wonder what they’re finding in their internal polling.


RUSH: One thing that Obama — and he started this little press conference of his right at noon, right when this program started, so I have spies watching this thing for me because I can’t read the closed-captioning of The Messiah’s remarks at the same time I am hosting this program. But I am told that one of the things that Obama said is that he is glad that Bush is finally implementing the policy of withdrawal from Iraq that he’s been advocating for years, as if it would have been possible to withdraw when Obama first suggested. We would have lost, not won. We would have withdrawn in defeat. This is the kind of arrogance — I don’t think a majority of people are going to be fooled by this. People are very much aware, when it comes to the war, whatever people think about George W. Bush, they know one thing: They know he hasn’t wavered and they know he hasn’t buckled and he has not given up and he would not accept defeat. Whatever public opinion was, it was genuinely reflected in those polls — and I don’t think it was, because I don’t think the American people wanted to lose. I don’t think they wanted to get out and lose like the Democrats thought. So, for Obama, this little man-child to come along now and try to take credit, ‘Bush is finally listening to me,’ you know, the Drive-Bys went, ‘Wow that’s really clever, that’s sort of Clintonesque.’ It ain’t going to fly, folks. It isn’t going to fly. The bloom is off the Obama rose.


RUSH: All right, this afternoon in Riverside, Ohio, Obama held a press conference. Jake Tapper of ABC News said, ‘Do you wish you’d asked a woman on your ticket? And what can you do to attract these women back?’

OBAMA: These are the same polls that had me 20 down last summer, that, uh, have s-swung wildly throughout this process. Uh, there is no doubt that Governor Palin attracted a lot of attention this week, uh, aaaand my general, uh, approach throughout this process has been not to worry about today’s news or yesterday’s polls, but to worry about, what is it that — where is it that I want to see the country? What is it that I’m trying to accomplish?

RUSH: There’s Barack Obama once again wandering aimlessly for a thought when asked by Jake Tapper: How do you explain your 20 point drop in women and what you are going to do to get ’em back? (paraphrased) ‘Well, I don’t care! I don’t pay attention to polls. Polls don’t matter. I’m Barack Obama!’ Now, this may be a first, because the Drive-Bys cut away from Obama and his press conference to cover Sarah Palin. Right in the middle of an Obama speech on education, the Drive-Bys all cut away away from him to this huge McCain-Palin rally. This had to drive the Obama war room crazy. They’re cutting away from The Messiah for Sarah Palin! Here’s a montage of how it happened at those networks.

OBAMA: If they’ve got the will, if they’ve got the grades…

CONTESSA BREWER: Barack Obama speaking right now in Dayton, Ohio. Not far away, we’re seeing aerial shots now of a crowd that has gathered for John McCain and Sarah Palin — and look at those crowds that have gathered! Let’s listen.

HEIDI COLLINS: There you have Senator Barack Obama. We will get to the other event, the other side of the coin, if you will, John McCain.

BILL HEMMER: While that speech continues in Riverside, Ohio, 30 miles away in Lebanon, Ohio, Sarah Palin now introducing John McCain. Want to catch a quick shot of this from the Buckeye State.

CROWD: (chanting and cheering)

SARAH PALIN: So as the pollsters and the pundits were trying to write him off, you all knew better, the American voter knew better.

RUSH: That was Sarah Palin. They cut away from Obama to cover Sarah Palin. That, ladies and gentlemen, has to be a first.

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