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RUSH: Ohio. This is Todd. Great to have you here, sir. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. This is awesome to be able to talk to you. Mega dittos from an Army dad from the front lines of McCain-Palin rally in Lebanon, Ohio. I just came from the rally, and it was just off the hook. Everyone was just stoked the whole time. And they’re talking about ‘drill here, drill now;’ talking about we could win in Iraq — which is just so important to me — and then when he goes up and says he’s going to shake up Washington? I mean, you believe him. You look at him, and it’s like, yeah, he… You know, all these years, I mean some Republicans have been sort of like, you know, ‘What’s he doing in Washington?’ But when you see him up on the stand there and he’s saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to go shake up Washington, you just believe it.’ You know he’s going to go in there and he’s going to make some changes and that’s just awesome. You know?

RUSH: Let me ask you a question about that, and in the process ask everyone in the audience about this. You bought it. Here’s McCain talking about it, he and Palin are going to go ‘shake up Washington.’ McCain has been in Washington 30 years. His party has been in charge of Washington for many of the last eight years, from the White House, to the House. They lost the House in 2006; they’ve gone back and forth on the Senate. How hard a sell do you think it was — or maybe I guess it wasn’t because you believed it. But this, to me, represents sort of a challenge McCain has, because he could shake up Washington but he’s a member of a party that kind of botched Washington. Now, he is a maverick. He is a renegade. He has run against his party on things. That’s probably how he’s going to finesse this if he’s asked about it at some point.

CALLER: Well, you know, when you’re in Washington you have to make compromises and you have to be — you know, you have to make decisions on what you have in front of you as well. I think what it is is these years when Republicans haven’t maybe been totally in line with what he’s doing, maybe there were things going on that, you know, he was doing everything he could to get as far as he could in a conservative way. Either way about it, there’s no question that even on the Republicans things need to be shaked (sic) up. These earmarks need to go.

RUSH: You know, Todd, I’m glad you went to this thing. You sound genuinely excited about it. But you are demonstrating — another great thing, by the way. Do not take this the wrong way. This is not criticism. This guy — Todd from Ohio — probably represents a whole lot of you in this country and in this audience, and that is the selection of Sarah Palin has totally changed your outlook on McCain. You now are willing to give McCain the benefit of the doubt, whereas prior to this (laughing) when it came to, rock-ribbed conservatives, it was ‘hold your nose and pray.’ Now, it’s not just because he made the choice — not because he had the foresight and the guts to make the choice — but she’s out there actually saying some great things about him in ways that people haven’t, and in a way he will not talk about himself.

One other thing before we go to the break. I’m not trying to be cynical. I’m trying to realistic. I’m 57 years old. I’ve been paying attention to presidential elections since I was nine. That was Kennedy-Nixon in 1960. Every year, every four years, every presidential race, I don’t care who it is, ‘I’m gonna shake up Washington! We’re going to get in there, we’re going to get some outsiders in there and we’re going to rip the place apart.’ It never happens. Well, it did happen with Reagan. What needs to happen — you know, Washington, of course needs to be shaken up, but it is what it is, it’s a political town and it’s big. What needs to happen is we just need somebody, a rock-ribbed conservative, running the place; willing to take on the entrenched liberal bureaucrats in all of these agencies, all over town — from CIA to State or wherever. Yeah, I’m all for shaking up Washington, but not in how it’s presented in a political campaign. I want to shake up Washington by getting as many liberals out of there as possible.

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