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RUSH: Jerry in Milwaukee, welcome, sir, to the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call, Rush. This pick by Senator McCain, I believe it was kind of a desperate pick because he picked someone much more conservative than him to appeal to the far right. His campaign admitted they didn’t really fully vet her because they wanted to keep it a secret and things are coming out after the last week and a half. Imagine if Michelle Obama had connections to a secessionist party like Todd Palin, the husband has connections to a secessionist party, you would call her un-American, you would say that she hates America —

RUSH: Hey, hey, hey.

CALLER: — with those connections.

RUSH: Jerry, let me try to set you state. Her husband had flirtings with the secessionist party, she didn’t. Michelle Obama took her kids every Sunday to Jeremiah Wright’s church where her kids got to hear some of the most anti-American drivel hate speech ever. This pick, you’re dead wrong about it. You’re living in fear. This pick by McCain was brilliant because this pick is not to the far right. There is no far right of any size and substance. This pick unified the conservative base in the Republican Party to the party. McCain could not do that on his own. He can’t win without Republicans, conservatives excited about the ticket, and they are. He’s now free to go out and be who he is, campaign for his precious moderates and independents and so forth. It was smart pick. It was more than that. That is why on this program his name has recently been morphed and changed into John McBrilliant.


RUSH: This secession business is one of the lamest straws, the lamest little twigs that the left have out there to try to go after Sarah Palin on the basis that her husband Todd supported secession for Alaska. Now, two things. Look at me on this. Follow me. Two things. Now, I don’t support secession, obviously, but I can damn-well understand why people in Alaska feel put out. Here you have a bunch of elite, city slicker liberals in New York and California and elsewhere. They don’t like liberals in these rural areas. They don’t like liberal politicians telling them when, how, and where they can explore for and drill for their own natural resources. They don’t like having to hear Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi tell them when and where they can’t do things.

They don’t like hearing it from Obama. They don’t like being told that they can’t use their habitats and all of that. Now, I don’t support secession for Alaska, but I understand why people get ticked off up there. But can we go back to the recent past? There was a piece by John Fund on June 12th of 2006 in the Wall Street Journal. Senator Akaka [from Hawaii] ‘undermined his own bill last year when he made statements to National Public Radio that the sovereignty granted Native Hawaiians in the [Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act] bill could eventually lead to secession. ‘That could be,’ he said. ‘As far as what’s going to happen at the other end, I’m leaving it up to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” Obama and Biden both voted for Akaka’s bill that opened the way for Hawaii to leave the union! And when this bill came up, we were all talking about how this is going to potentially lead to secession,’ and Obama and Biden both voted for it! Now, this is a clear example of a double standard.

Alaska hasn’t done anything like this. They certainly haven’t had a member of their congressional delegation propose it. But Daniel A-ka-ka (I love pronouncing that name) Daniel A-ka-ka from Hawaii not only proposed it, but it was debated and almost passed voted for by Obama and Biden. So what is this? The double standard just reigns extreme. But, see, we don’t live in a monopoly anymore — and the left cannot seem to get it through its head that we have researchers and that we have an archive of the stupid, contradictory, hypocritical things that they have and said how they’ve voted. The rope-a-dope again: ‘Okay, you want to go after Todd Palin for flirting with Alaskan secession? Fine! Obama and Biden voted for a bill that could lead to that very thing in Hawaii, by the sponsor’s own admission, Daniel Akaka.’

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