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Rush’s Morning Update: Advice
September 8, 2008

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My friends,Iran’s twitchy little thug president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,has weighed in, once again, on our upcoming elections.He claims that it really “doesn’t matter” whetherMcCain or The Messiah,Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful, wins.Mahmoud saysAmerica needs “change.”The next president needs to focus more on domestic problemsand stop intervening in affairs in his neck of the world.If the new guy changes current policy,then Tehran would welcome “dialogue” with us. In other words,Mahmoud wants change he can believe in.
The notion that America should focus more on domestic issues is a longstanding Democrat talking point, but there is yet other news from Iran.The Central Bank therejust reported thattheir inflation rate hit 27.6 percent.This comes on top of fuel shortages and an economy that looks more and morelike Jimmy Carter’srunning things over there.
Meanwhile, there is another domestic issue brewing in Iran –andI mean “domestic”in every sense of the word.Mahmoud’s hard-liners are trying force a law through their parliament that would allow Iranian men to take additional wives– without the prior consentof their first wife. Dozens of women’s activist groups are outraged,and protests grew so heated the parliament had to cancel a scheduled voteand send the measure back to committee.
Sounds to me, Mamhoud, like you oughta take your own adviceand worry about your domestic issuesinstead of cheerleading for your Democrat buddieshere in the United States — they’re going to lose anyway.

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