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RUSH: I had somebody say to me this morning, ‘You know, Rush, it’s clear now if it hasn’t been clear before that we’re not running against Obama. We’re running against the media.’ That’s true, but we’re not just running against the media, ladies and gentlemen. We are running against the entire Washington government machine, and that includes the media. But it is important to point out that the Washington government machine, run by the left in their impenetrable bunkers of lifetime appointments and the bureaucracies and so forth and the judiciary, and that’s really what we’re up against. Greetings. Great to have you here. Off and running, already the middle of the week, fastest week in media, Rush Limbaugh at 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I sense a shift here, ladies and gentlemen, in the Drive-By Media and the way they’re going after Sarah Palin. I think they’re going to drop this business that she’s not experienced enough. I think they’re going to go after the fact she’s trailer trash. Letterman told a joke about her last night as being a typical Jerry Springer guest or some such thing, then of course you’ve got Us Weekly, the magazine that fawned all over Barack and Michelle Obama, portraying her as scandal-ridden trailer trash on the cover. Now, Us Weekly is owned and published by Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone, who is a documented — you can look it up — big donor to Barack Obama. And, you know, it’s fascinating to watch the differences here as the Drive-Bys are trying to force her off the ticket. They’re trying to force her off the ticket. I know how mad you people are, but I want to tell you, you tune into that convention tonight, to her speech tonight, and they better have those rafters reinforced at this convention hall tonight because they’re going to blow the roof. This crowd cannot wait to hear this woman.

This crowd wants to be involved in promoting, defending, and advancing the cause and the career of Sarah Palin. This crowd is going to do whatever it can to put her at ease, to make her feel welcome, and she’s up to the challenge here, and it’s going to be a fascinating night. She’s gotta be up to the challenge. I mean it is what it is. The media isn’t going to change. They’re getting worse. Some say they’re destroying themselves. I think they’ve been in the process of destroying themselves for a long time, but clearly there’s no journalism going on with what the Drive-Bys are doing. They’re just an opposition research branch of the Democrat Party. Their templates never change. Maureen Dowd, back in 1988, can I read to you what she wrote about George H. W. Bush, who was vice president, he had just chosen Dan Quayle. ‘Vice President Bush is walking back up the steps of his home after receiving the endorsement of the head of a police organization, when someone called out a question about Senator Dan Quayle’s much debated performance as his running mate. George H. W. Bush said, ‘This concept that I see in some of these reports that I’m not supportive of Dan Quayle are absolutely ludicrous, they are ridiculous.” The template never changes. This is 20 years ago, and Maureen Dowd could have been writing this about John McCain and Sarah Palin. But they’re trying to force her off the ticket. There’s even online betting sites that you can visit, online prediction market weighing in on whether McCain will drop her from the Republican ticket.

I think once this gets going, and as I said yesterday once this hits full stride, the Barack Obama campaign’s going to realize what a loser choice it made in putting Joe Biden on the ticket, mark my words. There’s going to be a huge reversal of this by the time this all shakes out. But why are they trying to force her off the ticket? If she’s this big a trailer trash, and if she’s so inexperienced, why not leave her there? She should be easy to beat, right? Well, that’s the key. They’re scared to death of her. They are frightened like they haven’t been frightened in a long time. They thought they had succeeded in nullifying and eliminating the conservative wing of the Republican Party. They thought that they had succeeded in creating an impression among Americans at large that conservatism was in disfavor, that it was in a funk, that it was a minority, and here comes Palin, Sarah Palin just in her being, in her essence, simply destroys every myth and every lie that the liberals have told us that they want in women. Andrea Peyser today in the New York Post, great piece: ”A Time-Warped Sexist Assault’ … But women on the left, who fought long and hard for the ability to raise children simultaneously with election cash, are in spasms. (Some have simply kept silent. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton — where are you?) … The stupendously sexist New York Times printed a front-page article noting that some unnamed women argue over ‘whether there are enough hours in the day for her to take on the vice presidency, and whether she is right to try.”

The feminazis, ladies and gentlemen, have once again set back all the gains that real women have made to the level of their mother’s generation. Do you realize this attack on Sarah Palin sets back everything they claim they’ve been for. But if Democrat women are angry at the way Hillary Clinton was treated, they should be hysterically outraged over this pounding that Sarah Palin is getting. And she is enduring it, by the way, but they should be outraged. Now, I know they’re not going to be, but feminist liberal women ought to be outraged by this, and the only one I can find that’s close to being angry about it is Geraldine Ferraro. But in the same way that American feminists have totally ignored how Muslim women are treated, they are showing us again their true colors. And I can tell you this, feminist women may not be mad, but the women who make this country work are mad. The women that you don’t see on the news, the women whose work that you never hear about, are livid over all of this, and they are demanding something be done about it. They want Sarah Palin to respond to this. They want some ad campaigns. This is a war, and they’re trying to take out one of ours.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Untouchables with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. Sean Connery played a cop that mentored Eliott Ness, played by Kevin Costner. He said, ‘You know how you get Capone? Capone puts one of yours in the hospital; you put two of his in the morgue. That’s how you get Capone.’ That’s Chicago style. That’s the style, by the way, Obama knows, that’s the style in which he was reared. So this is hardball and they’re trying to take one of ours out. Can I go through the list of people they have tried to take out, just to put this in perspective? I mean, you get frustrated, I get frustrated as I can be, as I’m sure you do, over conservatives having their lives targeted and ruined by a bunch of piranha fish that are the Drive-By Media. Human flesh hits the water and they attack in a frenzy ’til only a few bones are left. The list is way too long. Judge Bork, Clarence Thomas, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Condoleezza Rice, Ken Starr, Katherine Harris, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dan Quayle. And then you have George Allen of Macaca fame, and Bob Livingston. The list goes on and on and on and on. The people they consider the biggest threats to their power, they try to take out. Miguel Estrada, who was going to be a high court appointee, they took him out even though he’s Hispanic, and that’s one of the coalitions they’re trying to go after. So it’s maddeningly frustrating.

I think the silver lining here is that it’s now so obvious to people that are watching. One thing about the American people, whether you agree with the concept or not, they like the concept of fairness, and this ain’t fair. They don’t see it as fair. Now, not that there’s going to be a huge backlash against it. It’s going to be up to the people on our side to fight back. I know McCain’s campaign ads have been excellent in the last five to six, maybe seven weeks, but I remember McCain early on saying he wanted to run an honorable campaign, a campaign on the issues. I think he’s starting to get it. He canceled an appearance on Larry King Alive after Campbell Brown tore into one of his spokesmen in one of the most outrageously offensive interviews that you can see. He said, screw it, I’m not going to give you guys at CNN the benefit of my presence. Why should I? So he canceled Larry King Live, these kind of steps are welcome. But there’s still too much fraternization going on in Minneapolis. I’m watching all of our guys show up on these morning cable shows as though they’re part of the favored crowd, when they’re not. They’re despised and they’re hated, and the weaker that they present themselves, the happier the Drive-Bys are.

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