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RUSH: If you’re just joining us, too bad for you. You missed a barnstormer of a first hour. Audio sound bite from Mark ‘Maxi’ Shields and Sally Quinn, both complaining that Sarah Palin has no business accepting the job of vice president. No way, because she got too many kids. She needs to stay home — and besides, if she’s elected vice president, she’s got a 17-year-old daughter that’s pregnant. She’s got a Down syndrome baby of her own. It’s just too distracting. She can’t possibly work. Besides, religious women are subservient to their husbands, and she’s violating one of the central tenets of evangelicals, Sally Quinn said. So I said, ‘Okay, let’s take a look at some Drive-By info babes and check out their families,’ and we have the first one in.

Soledad O’Brien, who was the one interviewing Sally Quinn of Georgetown. Since 1995, 13 years ago, Soledad O’Brien has been married to Bradley Raymond, who is the cohead of investment banking at Thomas Weisel Partners. Together (I guess it’s like important to say that), Soledad O’Brien and her husband have two daughters and twin sons. Sofia Elizabeth, born October 23rd, 2000; Cecilia born March 20th, 2002; and Charlie and Jackson on August 30, 2004. She has four kids under nine years old. She has no business working at CNN. She has no business being in the Drive-By Media.

I don’t care. Sally Quinn said it was okay to have two or three kids, but not as many as Sarah Palin has, and Soledad O’Brien has four, and they’re under ten. Now, I haven’t been a parent, but I would venture to say that kids under ten years old — nine and younger — do present some problems. They are not exactly self-sufficient. You might not want to say that they’re special needs kids, but they certainly need guidance, and it doesn’t sound like old Bradley here has taken much time off from the investment banking firm, does it? So who is it that’s raising Soledad O’Brien’s kids so that she can go in the Drive-By Media and pollute the country with her arch, ultra-leftism?

You know, some commentators, ladies and gentlemen, are bemoaning the fact that the McCain campaign made a mistake and canceled the first night of the convention in order to show solidarity with the suffering of those hit by Hurricane Gustav. These commentators are saying that the Republicans made a typical mistake. They tried to please the media by showing the media that they, too, care about people who are harmed in natural disasters — that of course Republicans cause. That is another narrative and template. Republicans cause natural disasters because they don’t care about poor people. They don’t care about suffering, as evidenced by Hurricane Katrina.

Some of the Republicans in typical defensive mode, say some commentators, decided to cancel the first night of a four-night extravaganza to showcase who they are and that it was a mistake. I could say that at the outset. However, I am thinking this. The media vacuum created by the Republicans canceling their convention on the first night has given the media a chance to fill that vacuum, and look how they’re doing it. There may be an upside to this. This is what I mean by always trying to find the good that happens in everything, the media is showing one and all just fine — better than they ever have — who they are, how mean-spirited they are, how anti-traditional American values they are, and they’re doing it 24/7.

In the case of Sarah Palin, this is even more perverse. They’re attacking the mother for behavior of one of her children. They want you to believe that both the child and her mother are unworthy, yet they forgive Bill Clinton. They forgive John Edwards. They forgive John Kennedy. They forgive any liberal because they have an agenda, and nothing is to get in the way of their agenda. Their agenda is without a moral order. There is no moral structure to liberalism that has to be followed. It is why they’re able to tell themselves that the biggest enemy they face is not Al-Qaeda. It’s not the new Russia. It’s not Iran. It’s not the North Koreans. It’s not China.

The biggest enemy the American left faces is conservatism and the Republican Party. To them, that represents true evil. Russia is not evil. Iran is not evil. Israel is close to being evil. North Korea is not evil, the new Russia is not evil because they have a messiah who can deal with all those people. But the evil that they have to fight is us. And when you have no moral structure (which they don’t) and then you engage in fighting what you consider to be evil, why, evil must be vanquished, must it not? At whatever cost. And if you have no moral structure, then how can you even say there is a cost to what you’re doing? So, to be human, to have standards, is to be demeaned and disparaged.

To believe in something greater than government, to believe in something greater than global warming, to believe in something greater than health care for all, to believe in something greater than pure, unadulterated socialism, is to be demeaned and disparaged. Like God is to be condemned. People who believe in God are to be condemned. The American left — which now embodies the working class government, the Washington government, the American mainstream media, and the Democrat Party; that’s the American left — are truly frightened of God. That’s who they’re trying to beat. They’re trying to wipe God out of every heart and soul in this country that believes in God. God is their competitor. Those of you who believe in God and are God’s soldiers, you become the enemy on the battlefield.

The only way to beat God is to beat you. To beat God out of you. And this is what they’re doing, and make no mistake about it. To believe in human life, whether it be a Down syndrome child or an out of wedlock pregnancy is to be condemned. It’s to be condemned. Stop and think about that. To believe in human life is to be condemned. So, according to Mark ‘Maxi’ Shields, it’s Sarah Palin’s fault that the liberal media is investigating. It’s Sarah Palin’s fault that the liberal media is trying to destroy her 17-year-old daughter. Mark Shields said it; we had the sound bite in the previous hour. The libs have been all excited about change. Obama represents change! He represents somebody new! He’s not from Washington! He speaks well. He’s handsome.

His experience or lack thereof is dismissed. Nobody even thinks to ask how he is being a father to his two young daughters given his campaign schedule, then along comes Sarah Palin. She represents more change than Obama; she is infinitely more qualified than Obama. I heard Obama’s response to that, by the way? He said, ‘What do you mean, I have no executive experience? Why, I’ve been running my campaign for a year and a half. I’ve been running my campaign. I’m managing my campaign!’ We all know he’s not managing the campaign. A guy named David Axelrod is. But, Obama actually said he’s got more executive experience running a presidential campaign than Sarah Palin has as two years as governor of Alaska.

Then along comes Sarah Palin, who represents more change than Obama, she comes from a place further from Washington than Obama. She is an accomplished politician and governor of a state. She’s got five kids. She is treated as the devil! She is being treated as the devil incarnate. The attacks on Sarah Palin are attacks on most American families in this country. I’m not saying every American family has the same beliefs or practices, but this is an attack on the family, on working women, on marriage. They rip her for her experience, and they gleefully are cited by the haters.

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