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Rush’s Morning Update: Boycott
September 4, 2008

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My friends, a massive protest is underway in the backyard of The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful.Over a thousand public skrool children boycotted the first day of classes at their own inner city schools,and instead rode busses to a suburban district where they filled out enrollment applications.
On the bus ride from their skrool district, which isthe third largest in America,kids were told they were participating in a historic event akin to civil rights bus boycotts during the 1950s. But the issue this timeis money. Inner city Chicago skrools spend about $11,000annually– per pupil– while suburban districts spend upward of $17,000.Property taxes fund the majority of a school district’s budget;hence the difference.
James Meeks,a state senator leading the boycott,wants the Illinois government to spend more on inner city schools,comparing the situation to “apartheid” in South Africa.He says: “[A] child’s education should not be based on where they live.”
Here’s the big picture, folks. More money is always nice. But if a child in elementary school cannot be educated on $11,000a year,how in the world will spending more money help? The failure to provide decent education for millions of these kids, despite the billions that taxpayers already spend,should be evidence enough that “more of the same”is not going tosolve the problem.
Until blue city liberal policies are dismantled, there will be no “change” that anyone can “believe in”.

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