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RUSH: What is it with liberals and children? We hear from liberals all the time that we must do this and we must do that for the children, do we not? Yet they’ve nominated a guy who believes and favors infanticide, not just abortion, but infanticide. This guy approves of abortion in the fourth trimester. The Drive-By Media favors waiting 17 years to destroy pregnant teenagers. Seventeen years is how old Sarah Palin’s daughter is. I guess if you’re 17 and you’re the daughter of a woman who doesn’t fit to what the liberal mold is, then you can destroy that child, too. What is it with this liberals and ‘It’s for the children business?’ Liberals are child abusers. Partial-birth abortion, infanticide, now doing their best to deliver enough deliberate and calculated stress to cause a miscarriage, has anybody been thinking about that on this 17-year-old little girl? For the children? What part did I miss?

Oh, and how about that report we had a couple weeks ago, a hundred university presidents want to lower the drinking age. They say they’re for the children, they say they’re for this and that, they’re passing out condoms, they want to pass out condoms in the schools, they want to pass out birth control pills in the schools. The only thing they don’t want to pass around is a pack of cigarettes for afterwards. Dirty little secret, the Democrats have no Sarah Palin on their side. Even liberal Democrat men are not her equal. As I say, Barack Obama is half the man Sarah Palin is.

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