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RUSH: The crowd in Dayton, Ohio, still going crazy, ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, with just a magnificent speech, after having been chosen as vice president nominee by John McCain, just a fabulous day. That praise for Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton was genius. We could almost say, folks, that this speech today and Sarah Palin have taken the women’s issue away from the Democrats. I want to watch this woman age in office. This was an honest, authentic speech, ’cause it’s not about promises. Her speech was not about promises and platitudes. It was about achievements. It was about accomplishments. She has a story to tell. She has people who can attest to that story. She has people who can vouch for that story. Her story is real. Her story is America. She doesn’t have to leave part of it out. She doesn’t have to put any holes in her story. Unlike Obama, who has to leave out his history in Hawaii, his history in Indonesia, his history at Harvard from his video last night, and I’ll tell you, she is more qualified, she has more executive experience running things than Obama has.

Liberals are going to go nuts, they already are. The Drive-Bys and the Democrats are going to go nuts trying to find ways to destroy this woman. In the process they are going to destroy themselves if they’re not careful. This is just a terrific, terrific choice. Democrats rejected a woman. Obama could have picked one, but he bypassed Hillary. He didn’t even vet her. He disrespected Hillary Clinton big time, and look at what has happened today. For all his talk about a new kind of politics, he chose Biden, and he could have picked Hillary or some other woman. This Sarah Palin, she knows about getting knocked down. She’s going to be debating Joe Biden, who proudly announced that he loved to bloody people’s noses when he was a kid. This woman knows about getting knocked down. It’s what she’s done to her opponents. She has knocked down her opponents. This woman is a competitor. She loves to mix it up. Middle America is going to love her when they get to know her. Sarah Palin lives their values. That family, did you see her family? If you didn’t have a chance to watch it on television, the family looked like they just came from an average day at work and school and so forth. That family lives their values. She’s clinging to nothing. It looks like she’s living life to the fullest to me.

Family, community, faith, sports. She didn’t talk about what others have done. She experiences it herself. She isn’t afraid to talk about it. She’s an extremely confident woman. You might say she’s the face of feminism, except that she’s not a liberal, and, see, that’s the thing about liberalism and feminism, only liberal women are counted as true feminists, but this woman, you talk about inspiring other women, you talk about the healthy role model that she can be. This is just an inspired, inspired pick, and there’s so many things that she could teach Barack Obama. For example, if they ever got together, here’s some sample questions that Obama might have for Sarah Palin: Governor, can you show me the proper and safe way to handle and fire a gun? Governor, are all NRA members as pretty as you are? By the way, she showed up in a skirt today, folks, no pantsuit. Obama to Governor Sarah Palin: Governor, is hunting scary? And when fishing, do you bait your own hooks? Governor, when you found out that your baby would be born with Down syndrome, did you consider aborting it before or after the due date?

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