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RUSH: I want to go over this experience business another way. The libs are saying that Sarah Palin doesn’t have any experience. Neither does Obama. I want to illustrate that. Let’s say that Obama and Sarah Palin got together. What are some of the questions that Sarah Palin would have for Senator Obama? I can’t think of anything he could teach her. What, however, could she teach him? So, Senator Obama’s first question would be: Can you show me the proper and safe way to handle and fire a gun? And are all NRA members as pretty as you are? Second question, Obama to Sarah Palin: Is hunting scary? And when you go fishing, do you bait your own hooks? I mean you could cut your finger doing that. Do you do it yourself? Next question, Obama to Sarah Palin: When you found out your baby would be born with Down syndrome, did you consider killing it before or after the due date? You mean you had the baby? You really had the baby? Question number four: What’s it like to be a governor, Mrs. Palin? Do you worry that you’re going to be held responsible for your decisions?

Question number five, Obama to Sarah Palin: Did you believe all that garbage that we’ve said about women at the Democrat convention? Are you worried that breaking the glass ceiling will just make a big mess? Question number six, from Obama to Sarah Palin: Is it fun or scary to ride a snowmobile? Don’t you get cold? Question number seven, Obama to Sarah Palin: Is it scary to live so close to the Russians? Question number eight, Obama to Sarah Palin: Your son’s in the army. Did you teach him how to shoot guns? Question number nine, Obama to Sarah Palin: Since you’re a former sports broadcaster, if I bet on a football game, can I call you for advice? Question number ten, Obama to Sarah Palin: Come on, tell me the truth: Can we really drill for oil and not destroy the planet? Algore says we’re destroying the planet, but your husband works in that business. Can we really drill for oil and not destroy the planet? Well, I don’t know what Sarah Palin would ask Obama. She wouldn’t want a sweetheart mortgage. That’s the thing. Mr. Obama, could you tell me how to get a sweetheart mortgage or maybe get some crook friend to sell me, you know, a little strip of his land below market value? She wouldn’t ask that question. Obama did. She might reference it in a debate if it comes up.

All right, to the phones, people have been patiently waiting. Dave in Fort Worth, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Hello. First of all, I’ll say, wow. Second of all, I’ll say, Sarah Palin did not even sound like she had anything written down. That sounded like it came straight from the heart and the head. And third, I haven’t been that inspired by a woman since a young Elizabeth Dole.

RUSH: Yeah. It’s interesting. I didn’t think about it in terms of the last time I was inspired by a woman. But everything else you said is correct. She was well spoken, she was articulate, genuine. You know, this is the thing. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but our women, they wear skirts. She went out there in a skirt today, and she had a story that was genuine. It wasn’t about promises and platitudes; it was about achievements and qualifications. The difference here is just striking between the two ultra-leftists that the Democrats have put forward and Obama, really a radical leftist, and the McCain-Sarah Palin team.

John in Mundelein, Illinois, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: After 18 months of telling us that Barack Obama is not experienced enough, even though, you know, Barack Obama was a state senator here in Illinois for seven years and cosponsored I think 830 pieces of legislation —

RUSH: Yeah, and voted present 135 times.

CALLER: But the thing I haven’t heard you say yet with this pick by John McCain, and I really hope you can say it. I want you to tell us all that you really believe that someone who has been the governor of Alaska for less than two years is prepared — because she’s a pretty member of the NRA and is anti-abortion — to be the president of the United States if 73-year-old John McCain can’t fulfill his duties.

RUSH: Certainly. I don’t have any doubt about it. Sarah Palin’s been on my short list for a long time. She is more qualified than Barack Obama. Barack Obama’s wrong about everything. Let’s talk about qualifications that have nothing to do with length of time or where you’ve been. Obama is a far leftist who wants to change the foundation of this country. Obama represents a dangerous future that contradicts the things that have made this country great. She can surround herself with like-minded people who have experience. The idea that he is more qualified foreign policy than she is, he’s been in the US Senate for 140-plus working days. He has never chaired one committee, had one meeting on that subcommittee foreign policy committee that he chairs, he has never held one meeting. He has not done one thing to qualify himself to be president of the United States, other than acquire various offices. But once he’s gotten to these offices, he hasn’t done anything with it. The real insult here in this whole campaign is that Obama is qualified. That’s the insult. And why? In his own words, in his own words last night, he’s qualified because he’s a member of the party of FDR and JFK. Notice he didn’t mention Harry Truman, because that would have inspired mushroom clouds. He’s a member of the Democrat Party, that qualifies him, and he’s been to 57 states, that qualifies him and he’s got Joe Biden on the ticket who has been wrong about more foreign policy decisions than he’s been right. That qualifies him.

So, yeah, you guys are up a creek here on this whole business of qualifications and experience, if you really want to go there. And I hope you do, ’cause I think it’s a rope-a-dope issue because what you’re going to end up with is not a comparison between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama in terms of experience. You’re going to end up with a comparison between John McCain and Barack Obama because it is McCain at the top of the ticket, and you guys are going to run around, you’re going to start talking about, ‘Well, he may not be able to fulfill the duties of his office.’ We all know what you mean by that, but we have excellent faith in Mrs. Palin. You wait ’til these debates start. You wait ’til she gets out there in public. She is going to impress. She has already frightened — I’m sure they’re in dire straits in the Obama campaign trying to figure out how to attack her. And already, if you go to their left-wing blogs you will find some of the extreme kook fringe out there laughing at her hair and totally unqualified, some of it is obscenely personal, filled with lies and this kind of thing. This is a woman who has a family — by the way, the feminists ought to love this babe, she’s got a toddler and she goes to work. She has a little baby and she goes to work. We know the feminists will not like her because she’s pro-life. She has her babies.

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