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RUSH: Let me give you the speech that Clinton really wanted to give, folks. You know I’m right. This is not what he wanted to say. Here’s what he wanted to do. This is what he wanted to go out and say: (doing Clinton impression) ‘My fellow Democrats, I have never been so ticked off in my life as I am tonight addressing you. Look at what’s happening out there, gas prices are through the roof, food prices are through the roof. We have successfully demonized a war in Iraq. We successfully demonized Katrina and Cheney and Bush, and the Republicans still running their old man, half Democrat half the time, and you nominate this Obama dweeb with all we got going for us? This guy could not win the general if you spotted him five points and 25 electoral votes. I know, I have been there. And don’t you dare, when it’s all over and you know I’m right, don’t you dare blame me.

I set Hillary up on the ten yard line, goal to goal, more money than even I ever had and my legacy to run on, and she couldn’t close the deal against a freshman running on ‘hope’ and ‘change’? Hell, she only had to remind everybody, I am the man from Hope, not this little dweeb. I’m the one that changed the world. I beat the Republicans at every turn, every damn time, I beat the Republicans and you nominate this guy? He couldn’t carry Hillary Clinton’s bra. Now look at me. I have to sit here, mouthing ‘I love you’ while my wife brags about her historic run. I had to eat this sandwich every damn day during the campaign. There ain’t no history worth having, folks, in losing. And that’s what she did. What history? Nobody would even know her name if it weren’t for me. I mean hell, what did you all think with Operation Chaos? For crying out loud, Limbaugh even tried to pull it out for her. If I’d have had Limbaugh behind me, I’d have gotten over 50% in both elections in the nineties. She had it all. She had me. She had my legacy, and she even had Limbaugh, and she’s up against an inexperienced dweeb.

‘They played the race card on me, I’m the first black president, and you bought it. Why am I even here gracing your presence? This is pathetic. She can’t even say in her speech that she is a proud wife. All my black friends, they want nothing to do with me now, they’re gone. After all I have done for you black people. I lied about all your church fires that Republicans set. I did everything you asked me to do and you have abandoned me for a guy that runs around with terrorists in Chicago and has that wacko nut preacher. I wouldn’t even go to that church, and he went there for 20 years and you nominate this clown? Don’t blame me when this ends up bad, this is all over. You’ll be back to me looking for advice. Next time I’m charging full price. I will never, ever forget this, and you have been warned. It ain’t going to be pretty when this is over.’

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