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RUSH: Switching gears, let’s go to the convention. You know, next week the Republican convention kicks off on Monday and out there is Hurricane Gustav, also known as Katrina 2. Now, I’m watching it last night, told you, I’m a student of these things, those of us who live in south Florida are. Snerdley hasn’t gotten into it ’cause he knows that he can rely on me to tell him everything so he doesn’t have to waste his time on the computer. But I watched it last night, maybe late yesterday afternoon, I forget which. I multitask. I can listen to Democrats lie through their teeth, get frustrated as hell about it, and still track hurricanes. I’m watching it, the hurricane center says it’s still moving west-northwest, five miles per hour, I’m saying, ‘Speed up, baby, speed up, go somewhere besides here. Sorry, New Orleans. Sorry, Texas. Speed up so it goes somewhere.’ It didn’t speed up, but, lo and behold, looked like it fell apart. And I got a note from the official climatologist, Roy Spencer, ‘Gustav is just falling apart out there.’ He said, ‘You need the heat from thunderstorms to give these things their energy, and it is falling apart.’ And it was weakening, but it wasn’t in fact falling apart. It took a jog due south that only one of the 14 models predicted. It took a jog due south.

It was supposed to go between Cuba, Club Gitmo, and Jamaica. It’s creaming Jamaica right now. So because of that due-south jog now moving west, they’ve moved the forecast track from New Orleans west closer to the Louisiana-Texas border. They still don’t know. I mean it all depends on so many variables. One model saw that southern jog last night, and they didn’t have it in the official forecast track. Now, the Drive-Bys are hoping for New Orleans. The Drive-Bys have been hoping for New Orleans since Katrina. They want to blame it on Republicans. If the Republican convention, when it kicks off on Monday, the forecast now and this is way out, we’re talking next Tuesday, sometime in the day on Tuesday, it is supposed to hit its target, landfall, United States, Louisiana somewhere. And the Drive-Bys are just hoping it’s New Orleans because they want to totally decamp St. Paul.

The Drive-Bys don’t want to go to the Republican convention anyway. The Drive-Bys don’t like Republicans. They don’t think the Republicans have good enough parties. They don’t have decent enough celebrities. The Republicans are just a bunch of dryball bores. They really don’t want to be there other than for the opportunity to trash them and rip ’em and lie about Republicans. But if Hurricane Katrina 2 hits anywhere near New Orleans, they’re going to get outta there en masse, there’s not going to be any coverage of the Republican convention. There will be limited coverage, nothing like this orgy of a love fest that we have had to frustratingly sit through for the past seems like a week. I always say this is the five-day fastest week in media. This is the slowest three days of my life, these past three days, the slowest, I’m not kidding. I keep looking at the clock chug on, chug on. At any rate, I want you to listen to a montage of the Drive-Bys so excited, rooting for a hurricane.

BLITZER: Hurricane Gustav moving towards that coast. Anderson heading there on Friday.

COOPER: I’ll be there on Friday.

BRZEZINSKI: What timing, the third anniversary of hurricane Katrina.

SCARBOROUGH: In the middle of the Republican National Convention.

BRZEZINSKI: That could really be a bad story line for them.

MADDOW: When Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, where was John McCain? He was standing with President Bush. Now we’ve got Hurricane Gustav–

O’DONNELL: Gustav.

MADDOW: — churning off the coast potentially with a beat on New Orleans again.

O’DONNELL: Is the perfect storm brewing–

ROBINSON: Well, it’s–

MADDOW: –for the Democrats?

ROBINSON: It’s a storm that could have political impact. I mean, look, no one can root for Gustav.

RUSH: Eugene Robinson was the last speaker. Nobody can root for Gustav. You all are rooting for Gustav! You think it’s going to destroy the Republican Party again. It’s the perfect storm brewing, said Norah O’Donnell. And where was McCain when Katrina made landfall? Why, he was standing with President Bush. Let me tell you, you Democrats, you Drive-Bys, you better be very careful here because we have a very competent governor now who can tell that loco weed mayor in New Orleans how to do this right. His name is Bobby Jindal. And Bobby Jindal is not going to leave and go to the convention. Bobby Jindal is going to stay there. We’re going to have a competent politician this time getting ready for this thing if it hits there. I know, they activated the National Guard, 300 troops so far, more to come, Chertoff, Homeland Security going down there. It ain’t going to happen, Drive-Bys, like it happened last night. You’re going to be the ones left out this time. A Republican governor is going to show the way in the middle of a natural disaster, just like Haley Barbour did in Mississippi and just like Jeb Bush always did here in Florida. New Orleans and Louisiana, were the messes they were because of two incompetent liberals that were running the show at the same time with nothing but liberals running the show in the whole state for years before that.

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