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RUSH: Dave in Stevensville, Maryland. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, mega salutes to my commander-in-chief.

RUSH: Thanks very much, sir.

CALLER: Before I get to the Weathermen faction of the SDS, I’d like to say something about that Joe Biden, that little person that lives across from us in Delaware. You know, the guy, to exploit his dead wife and child at a convention to further his self into politics? I mean, that’s sick. That is so sick.

RUSH: Well, that’s the story. That’s his family story. That’s what vice presidents do. They go out and they tell family stories.

CALLER: Well, it’s different like McCain talking about being tied up in the prison camp and all that, but anyway how, back in the sixties, I was in the fire department in Washington, DC, which I was proud to serve in, and there was a group called the Students for a Democratic Society, and out of them came the Weathermen faction of the SDS. These guys… For Obama to associate himself with someone like that? These guys were actually trying to maim us ourselves, or our employees, with different types of booby traps and stuff. We went to class for these different things, and the things that happened to us is that they threw those spikes and stuff out in the road so that the apparatus would have flat tires.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute here, Dave, I don’t know that this is true, what you’re saying, because I’ve heard Bill Ayers say they never really wanted to kill anybody though three or four people did die with what he did.

CALLER: Bill Ayers is (garbled).

RUSH: I’m kidding. Dave, I want you to know I’m being facetious.

CALLER: I know you are, and I appreciate it. As a matter of fact, I was listening to all these things you had on the radio. It was hilarious, all this stuff you had on. It’s a shame you can’t get it all on your radio every day. But this guy is associated with them? Man, what the hell are we coming to?

RUSH: Yeah, he’s associating with him, and he’s lying about it! He saying he’s just somebody that lives in the neighborhood. He’s lying about it! Now, there’s gotta be a reason. He lied. I’m convinced he lied when he said he never heard Jeremiah Wright say any of those things that we’ve all heard Jeremiah Wright say. And, by the way, speaking of our old buddy Jeremiah Wright, you just have to know, folks, about October this country is going to be saturated with Jeremiah Wright video and audio. Oh, you know it will resurface. We’ve already got it on our calendar here.

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