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RUSH: You know what the Drive-Bys are obsessing about all morning? The Drive-Bys are obsessing about, ‘What will Clinton say tonight?’ Some unity they’ve got going. ‘What will Bill Clinton say?’ And then I was watching the most amazing thing. Here we have Mike Allen from The Politico, and he was guesting Fox this morning, and I think it was Chris Wallace or somebody, said, ‘Well, what’s going on with Clinton?’ Mike Allen said, ‘He just wants to be sucked up to. If they would just suck up to Bill Clinton, everything would be fine.’ I’m thinking, ‘My gosh, we’re listening to somebody talk about a former president of the United States acting like an immature child wanting to be ‘sucked up to’?’

Isn’t it interesting how all during the nineties, you and I understood who Bill and Hillary were, and now all of a sudden the Democrats — and including in the media — are now finally realizing it, too. My only question is, ‘Did they really know it themselves back then but didn’t care ’cause they wanted the power, just as they don’t care who or what Obama is?’ If they think he can win, that’s all they care about, because power is their objective.


RUSH: Mike, cell call, Washington, DC, welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Yes. I heard a speech of Bill Clinton yesterday where he spoke to me. He said that you’re going to be faced with a choice of candidates in elections where you could choose a candidate who agrees with you on everything but won’t be able to pass anything in Washington, DC, or a candidate who you agree with half of the time and will be able to pass half of the things that you want in Washington, DC, and it was plain that he was speaking of Obama and McCain to me.

RUSH: There’s no question, we’ve got that audio sound bite here. He’s undercutting Obama on the day of his wife’s speech. This was at an international affairs forum in Denver.

CLINTON: Suppose, for example, you’re a voter and you have candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don’t think that person can deliver on anything. Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues, but you believe that on the other half the candidate will be able to deliver. For whom will you vote? This is the kind of question that I predict — and this has nothing to do with what’s going on now.

RUSH: Oh, of course not, oh, no, no, nothing to do with what’s going on now. (laughing) That’s why he brought it up in the first place, it had nothing to do with now. You might say, ‘He just can’t help himself, Rush.’ That’s probably true, too, but it’s a strategic move, this was done on purpose. Look, folks, it’s very, very simple. Lest we forget who the Clintons are, power, running the show. Remember, this was going to be hers. I mean even seven months ago, they still hadn’t really accepted the notion Obama was going to pull this off. This was theirs. This is hers. Last night, that was to be her night, and he’s got nothing to do now. She gets to go back to the Senate. They are not going away. I heard somebody saying, ‘The era of Clinton is over, at least the Obamas have vanquished them.’ Oh, the era of Clinton is not over. If Obama wins, the era of Clinton has got a big, big obstacle in its way, and therein lies the easily ascertainable truth about the Clintons in this election. If Obama wins, the era Clinton is in big trouble. If Obama loses, Hillary is automatically the presumptive nominee in 2012. Now, what do you think the Clintons are going to spend the next two months doing? (doing Clinton impression) ‘I’m not talking about right now. I’m not sure about what’s going on here. I’m just giving you a hypothetical.’

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