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RUSH: Let’s play the audio here of the angry black female delegate to the Democrat convention who, in tears, just expresses her total dissatisfaction with The Messiah. Suzanne Malveaux sought her out on the convention floor. ‘Joining us here, obviously very strong Clinton supporters, tell me –‘ by the way, this woman’s name is Ann Price Mills. ‘Tell me, why is it so important to you and what does this moment mean to you?’

MILLS: Hillary Clinton proved to me tonight that she would have made an excellent president. She was presidential tonight. She’s evidence that women have come so far, and to let gender be a hindrance, to let a phenomenal, an intelligent, a powerful, a moving, a motivating person, not move us into the next generation, not move us into the future that we deserve, not move us into the great economy that we deserve, not be able to address the concerns that we deserve, and now everybody just want us to simply shift? You just saw it yourselves, you saw it yourselves. You know that was a presidential speech. You know it.

RUSH: Ann Price Mills pleading with Suzanne Malveaux of CNN to see it the way the delegates see it. Suzanne Malveaux says, ‘Well, will you vote for her when you cast your votes later in the week?’

MILLS: I was elected to come here as a delegate for Clinton. I will vote for Clinton. Now you ask me about my personal vote in November, Obama has two months. Experience speaks to me. I asked everybody all the time, I said, ‘Would you take somebody straight out of Harvard, even if they had the education, and put them as a CEO in a company?’ Experience counts. I don’t care what anybody tells you, and his resume is —

RUSH: This is a black female delegate to the Democrat National Convention who has not bought any of the hype that is Obama. She sounds like a reasonable, responsible Republican voter, other than her support for Hillary. Would you take somebody from Harvard, right out of Harvard, and make them a CEO? The sad thing to note, ladies and gentlemen, the sad thing to note and to warn you of, this woman went on television. She went on CNN. She said what she said for many seconds, close-up shot of this woman. The Obama people know who she is now. You wait until they come for her. You won’t be seeing any more of Ann Price Mills. She’ll be around. You will not be hearing her or seeing her, not on Drive-By networks.

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