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RUSH: Fast Eddie Rendell last night, Fox News Channel, Hannity & Colmes. Colmes said, ‘Governor Rendell, in the Washington Post you compared Obama to Adlai Stevenson. Was that a proper quote? Was that what you meant?’

RENDELL: Adlai Stevenson, in my judgment, was the greatest living Democrat in my lifetime. I think Barack Obama should also be a great president because he is smart, because he doesn’t give easy answers, because he doesn’t pander, because he thinks things through. He has a vision for this country. That doesn’t necessarily translate on the campaign trail, but he’s going to be a great president. If anybody out there loved Adlai Stevenson as much as I do, work your heart out for Barack Obama.

COLMES: (laughing)

RUSH: My gosh, for a guy that represents change, hope, and future, they’re going back to find Democrat losers to compare Obama to! Adlai Stevenson? Illinois? Some of you people may not have ever heard the name. We’re talking the fifties here! We’re talking fifties, and he was this erudite elitist. He was a snob. They thought it was inevitable; he couldn’t lose, and he got smoked. Here’s Rendell, who we know is a Hillary supporter. Here is Rendell telling the largest cable news network audience last night, ‘Oh, yeah! The guy reminds me of Stevenson.’ (laughing) Obama’s trying to compare himself to JFK, Martin Luther King. Fast Eddie comes out, ‘Nope, nope. Adlai Stevenson. Doesn’t translate well on the campaign trail, but wait ’til you see him govern.’ How do we know? Stevenson never governed. This is just too much. You know, Fast Eddie, why didn’t you go ahead and compare him to Governor Mondale and Dukakis while you were at it? (laughing) Throw Adlai Stevenson out? I love this. I just love this.

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