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RUSH: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hear now that they’re having second thoughts, some of the Obama people, not Obama himself, but some of the Obama people are having second thoughts about this charade tomorrow night at Mile High. People not liking the way this is looking. I got a note from a friend of mine who is Jewish and informed me of some things. I didn’t know that Jewish people do not like fiery, charismatic speakers speaking before tens thousands at night with lights shining on them. A Jewish friend of mine told me this and said, ‘Nobody’s going to ever comment on this,’ but it’s going to have to a profound effect if it looks like it reminds people of something in areas of the country where Jewish people live it’s not going to be helpful, shall we say, to The Obama — sorry — The Messiah. Now, you have probably heard, maybe you have seen pictures of the set that Obama will address the nation on tomorrow night. It is a Greek temple. It is a mock-up of a Greek temple like the Parthenon. Now, when I saw that I said, ‘There’s gotta be a reason for this.’ These kinds of decisions to build this thing, this is not just somebody’s idea, a brainstorm idea that happened. There is a reason behind this.

I wanted to look up the whole idea behind the role of the temple. Here is what I found. Greek temples were built to honor and glorify the patron deity. They were built as the gods’ house on earth and usually held a cult statue featuring a god. ‘Most religious buildings today are intended for congregational worship where groups of people get together on a regular basis, celebrate their God, and receive spiritual comfort. Ancient Greek temples were rarely used this way. They were meant to serve as homes for the individual god or goddess who protected and sustained the community.’ I can’t believe they are doing this. (laughing) They are cementing this whole messiah notion. ‘It was the needs of the gods that were most important. They controlled the forces of nature, the sun and rain which nourished their crops and the winds which drove their ships.’ I mean, this could be Algore speaking. Oh, yeah, the gods are certainly in charge of the level of the oceans, the seas rising and falling. ‘Although generally benevolent, the gods could be quite capricious and were liable to turn against the community, so it was in everyone’s interests to make sure that they should feel completely at home in their temple,’ the gods. ‘Their houses were the finest, equipped with a staff of servants to look after their every need. They receive daily offerings of food and drink along with a proper share of the harvest and the profits of any trading or military activity.’ This is the image behind Obama tomorrow night at Invesco Field at Mile High. Now, I know that this is a Greek temple, but it will, to a lot of people, also look like a Roman temple. And you all know what happened at one time in the Roman temple. Could it be that tomorrow night on Barack Obama’s Greek temple, somebody named Clinton will succeed in stabbing The Messiah in the back?

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