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RUSH: You thought it was odd when Cris Collinsworth of NBC Sports asked Kobe Bryant of the Olympic Redeem Team, ‘Wait a minute, you sure it’s okay these days to be patriotic, believe in the red, white, and blue? You sure you can do that?’ Listen to this question from the perky Katie Couric to the analyst at CBS News, Jeff Greenfield.

COURIC: Do you think the voters really want to see a couple who is faithful to one another?

GREENFIELD: Yes, and I believe in the primaries you —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Hey, Katie? We have a couple in the White House who are faithful to each other. We also had a couple in the White House who were faithful to each other in the eighties. Where does this question come from? Who in the Democrats is cheating on their spouse that we don’t know about? ‘Do you think voters really want to see a couple who are faithful?’ Meaning, ‘Jeff, can the Obamas overcome the notion that they haven’t cheated on each other?’ What is, this a resume enhancement in the Democrat Party? Poor old John Edwards! Mrs. Clinton goes out and personally destroys the women who are trying to get her husband in trouble in order save ‘their’ presidency, and the Drive-Bys go, ‘Oh, isn’t this wonderful? Why, she loves her husband,’ but Clinton was already president. They like the power. John Edwards, he blew it, he’s irrelevant, he’s toast, he’s compost, and so now the Drive-Bys are writing a story — it’s an AP story today — on how Elizabeth, she’s irresponsible, too, for making this happen. She knew it, and she lied. So did Hillary! As far as I know, Elizabeth Edwards didn’t try to destroy any of these women that John Edwards was messing around with.

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