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RUSH: I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers (shuffling papers) a preview of tomorrow’s New York Times story on what the Democrats hope to do to save Obama. They hope to save Barack Obama. Now, think of where we are here now. They hope to save Barack Obama with a common-man story. Now, we are going from messiah to common man inside of two days at the Democrat convention where he has lost the lead. Here is just a sample from tomorrow’s New York Times story. ‘ In 1996, Barack Obama attended the Democrat convention in Chicago as a would-be politician about to launch his first race.’ I will add, he had just met William Ayers the year before. ‘In 2000, Barack Obama went to Los Angeles, where he failed to secure a floor pass and had his credit card rejected at the car rental counter, leading him to head home early.

‘In 2004, he became a national star, and now the remarkable progression of Barack Obama as seen through his experiences at his party’s convention.’ He had his credit card rejected at the car rental counter in Los Angeles in 2000? Friends, you can’t see this but I’m getting teary eyed at the tough knocks — at the overwhelming obstacles –that Barack Obama had overcome or had to overcome on his way to becoming a messiah. Why, you could draw a parallel to no room at the inn with that credit card being unaccepted, ’cause you could say that Joseph simply forgot to guarantee the reservation with his credit card. Awww. That’s just the lede ladies and gentlemen.

People are going to be crying so much reading this, the papers, I think, will stain and not be able to finish the whole story because words will run together in a pool black. Well, some from crying, some from laughing. Hoping to save Obama with common-man story. Now, if he got his credit card rejected at the rental car counter, how the hell did he get back to Chicago? Hitchhike? He probably had a round-trip ticket purchased with the credit card. And why was he rejected at the credit card counter in Los Angeles in 2000? How could that have happened? Could it be anything to do with race? (Gasp!) I don’t know. I haven’t seen the entire story.

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