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RUSH: Here’s that Warren Buffett sound bite from CNBC this morning. He was talking with the anchorette Becky Quick, and she basically said, ‘Look, after some revelations, spectacular fall that Edwards would no longer be speaking at the convention, Warren, you supported Obama but did you ever give money to Edwards?’

BUFFETT: No, I didn’t give money to John Edwards. In fact, I think if I’d given money to him I probably would be asking for it back now. In fact, I’ve never heard of it, but it might be kind of interesting if somebody, some contributor would bring a class-action suit on behalf of all these people who essentially were led to send money to a man under totally false pretenses and where he knew it and didn’t tell them the truth.

RUSH: Can you imagine, I mean the juiciness of a class-action lawsuit against a trial lawyer, a slick, scheming fraud like the Breck Girl.

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