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Rush’s Morning Update: Yet More Woe
August 22, 2008

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This story just will notgo away. Two weeks ago, I told you of the crisis American children face. They have been forced to wear last year’s clothes to school because their parents are using the money to pay for gasoline and food –instead of springing for new clothes. School administrators are making kids walk longer distances to bus stops, and in some cases, all the way to school. They’re also resorting to four-day school weeks, forcing kids to stay in school longer hours. The other day we learned that children are having to use last year’s crayons in school.

Now it appears the misery has spread to older kids. Community colleges across the nation are running out of teachers and out of roomas enrollments are exploding,and the reason for that is theparents are demanding their children attend theselowly “community colleges,” instead of sending them off to themore expensive institutions of higher learning.

The plight of one victim– a 19-year old girl in Virginia, totally innocent– illustrates the horror. Her parents had a $20,000 college fund set up for her, but the value fell in today’s economy. So, rather than take student loans, her parents are shipping her off to community college. Her mother — her selfish mother — said: “We’re approaching retirement…I don’t want to get heavily in debt.”

My friends, I am pleading with you all. Think very carefully about what you’re doing here. The children are our future,the hope of humanity. What kind of amessage are we sending them with all of this selfishness?

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