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Rush’s Morning Update: Real People
August 21, 2008

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Aside from all the usual Democrat party hacks who are lined up to try to dupe America at their convention next week in Denver, Democrats have reserved prime-time spots for what they’re calling “real people.”

The convention organizers hope these “real people” will counter the image of Obama as an out-of-touch celebrity elitist…as he delivers his acceptance speech at the 75,000-seat Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium. With the help of professional scriptwriters, speech coaches, and handlers,20 “real people” will testify how their sad lives (as members of the oppressed working class, of course) will be changed by The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful.

For all the talk of change, this is nothing new. It’s a standard page in the Democrat playbook. The “parade of victims” seeking government help is part of every high-profile Congressional hearing, and every major Democrat campaign. It’s the Democrats’ “soup-line” view of America; a country on the verge of collapse –where indigent citizens are clamoring for a savior to fix their lives.

Folks, it would be great– just once– to see a political convention with real “real people.” The real people whose individual responsibility and effort can be showcased as the reason for their success; the people who make the country work!The real people who understand that liberty and limited government are the foundation for our incredible standard of living — and who appreciate the truly heroic sacrifices ofthe military… the real America that doesn’t need a politicianto be its savior. Put them on display — just once!

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