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RUSH: Lorraine X joins us, ladies and gentlemen, from San Diego. Hi, Lorraine X, nice to have you back.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Listen. Hear me out today. Let me tell you something. I am tired of that wrinkly old man who made all those outrageous claims at the Saddleback Forum the other night and no one in the right wing Fox media —

RUSH: Hang on a minute.

CALLER: — is calling him on it.

RUSH: Lorraine, hang on a minute. What outrageous claims? He didn’t make any outrageous claims.

CALLER: I’ll tell you, let me give you two examples, okay?

RUSH: Just give me one.

CALLER: No, no, I’m going to give you two because these were the most — for example, Rush, John McCain stated that he is saved. Well, in order to be saved as a non-Christian or non-Jehovah witness Christian, for example, you must be baptized, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Now, I want that old man to tell me and the American people, when did he ever get baptized, what church, and when did he speak in tongues? That’s number one. Number two, the final one, John McCain claims that because his father was a high-ranking military officer, he was offered an opportunity to be released early from his torture. And you know what else he said, Rush? He said that one of those communist torturers, by the way, turned out to be a Christian that drew a cross in the sand. Why isn’t someone calling this man on these wild war stories? There is an October Surprise coming up and we’re going to slap it to him in October regarding those stories, I am telling you.

RUSH: Lorraine, Lorraine.

CALLER: It’s over.

RUSH: Lorraine, gets back on the meds. You’re having a bad day. The story is true. We’ve looked into this. You people on the left cannot handle real. You can’t handle reality; you can’t handle genuine. You nominate frauds. You nominate fakes. You nominate flakes. You nominate amateurs, and then you present an absolute fraudulent picture of the nominee that you people come up with, I don’t care who the nominee is. We looked into this McCain story, and the left-wing bloggers tried to say that McCain lifted that from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who they said wrote about it in his book, The Gulag Archipelago. Well, guess what? It’s not in The Gulag Archipelago, and a scholar who has studied Solzhenitsyn and knew him said that Solzhenitsyn never, ever told that story. The whole left-wing belief system here for McCain lied is McCain had to cheat, McCain had to lie, because Barry did. Barry is great, Barry is wonderful, why, he’s a messiah; he cannot lose. And McCain wiped the floor with him. Well, McCain had to cheat. McCain had to make things up.

He didn’t make this story up. There are veterans from the early seventies who were with McCain who said they remember him telling them that story back then. Solzhenitsyn never told the story to anybody, it never happened to him. The left-wing blogs however are saying, ‘Well, okay, Solzhenitsyn didn’t say it, and Solzhenitsyn didn’t write about it, but the rumor has been out there for a long time, and Solzhenitsyn said it so maybe McCain heard the rumor that Solzhenitsyn said it and stole it from the rumor.’ So these people are beside themselves, and you, too, Lorraine. I’m surprised, you have disappointed me. Normally when you’ve called this program before you were reasonable, you were fun to talk to, but you’ve gone mad. And what is it that’s driven you crazy? Christianity. Christianity. Somebody openly expressing their beliefs drives you nuts, and a lot of libs nuts. Anyway, as I say, Lorraine, hit the meds, give me a call back sometime next week and we’ll try again.

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