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RUSH: We have been talking, ladies and gentlemen, about the situation in the Democrat convention where a lot of Democrats are sort of buzzing and whispering behind the scenes. They’re nervous. They’re nervous that Obama has caved and turned the whole convention over to the Clintons. They’re wondering if he gave up too much. They’re wondering. He’s not leading in polls. He’s not securing the votes of women, by the way. I had that in the stack yesterday. Women are not flocking to Obama as you would expect women to flock to a messiah. Some of those Democrat women are obviously still very devoted to Hillary. So here’s how CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux reported the Hillary convention story last night on The Situation Room.

MALVEAUX: A new move by Barack Obama for political peace. Hillary Clinton’s name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic convention with his blessing.

RUSH: Jeez. With his blessing! He is The Messiah! A new move by Obama for peace? Suzanne, would any of you in the Drive-Bys tell me why the Democrat Party needs peace when you’ve got the unifier, when you have a candidate who has never, ever come along before like Obama? You’ve got something fresh and brand-new! Why is there the need for peace in the Democrat Party? So he blessed the Clintons getting two days. Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper 180, Anderson Cooper talking to former Clinton advisor David ‘Rodham’ Gergen, and Cooper said, ‘David, were you surprised this happened, and how big a deal do you think this is?’

GERGEN: I to tell you, Anderson, the process by which this was reached was sloppy, and I do not think it reflects well on the Obama camp how this was reached. They have given the appearance — I’m sure they didn’t mean this; I’m sure they want to be gracious but they have given the appearance — that if you push hard enough you can roll ’em, that they’ll give in.

COOPER: Then your critics say, ‘Look if you can’t stand up to the Clintons, you can’t stand up to, eh, eh, Putin?’

RUSH: Well, but isn’t this exactly what he would do for peace with Putin? Isn’t this who Obama is? Doesn’t this tell us exactly? Shouldn’t David ‘Rodham’ Gergen be a little bit upset? If Obama will sue for peace by giving the Clintons more than what they want, how will he sue for peace with Ahmadinejad or Vlad the Impaler?

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