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RUSH: The Democrats are very, very worried over the lack of Obama’s dominance in the polls. In fact, The Politico has this story, apparently this Jerome Corsi book that’s been opening at number one on the New York Times list, the anti-Obama book, and they put John Kerry on the Swift Boat team now to rebut these attacks, because they said Kerry didn’t do it fast enough, Obama is not doing it fast enough, they’re not going to sit by and let happen to Obama what happened to John Kerry. This whole story features so much double-talk and pseudo action by Kerry, threatened at and hinted at and so forth. Obama, there’s an easy way around all this. Instead of looking stupid — this is really beneath The Politico to run a hack story like this. Obama, if you don’t like the book just sit down and do some interviews. You know, there are a lot of things people would like to know about you, and if you you’re going to let somebody define you, you can easily get around that by just sitting down and doing some interviews and answering some questions other than in your messiah mode. They’re really concerned out there, and now they’re going to the usual suspects, they’re blaming all of his lack of big lead in the polls on race. Let’s go back and review from August the 7th. We have a little montage here of the Drive-Bys perplexed at the lack of Obama’s big lead.

BARNICLE: Why isn’t Barack Obama running away with this election?

GREGORY: Why do you think Obama is not doing better?

BLITZER: Why do you believe he’s not doing even better?

KING: Why is this election close?

MARCIANO: Why , the race is so close.

MITCHELL: Why it is as close as it is.

COOPER: Why is the race even close?

BORGER: Obama really should be further ahead.

BROWN: Why is the race so close?

RUSH: The presumptuousness of this is mind-boggling. The answer is they think he should be far ahead because they’ve done nothing but try to put him there. So last night on CNN’s Larry King Alive, Larry was talking to the Council on Foreign Relations’ Peter Beinart, and he said, ‘Peter, in essence, capsulize it for me. You were saying what today?’

BEINART: There remains a significant percentage of white Americans, hard to know how many, but perhaps 20% who might normally vote Democratic who seem, because of racial anxiety, so far to be unwilling to support Barack Obama. People won’t say it about themselves, but if you ask them, will people they know not vote for Barack Obama, then you get about the percentage of 20%. Barack Obama has a huge lead on almost all of the issues, and Democrats have a huge generic advantage. So why is his advantage so small? I think — although one cannot be a hundred percent sure — I think there is increasing circumstantial evidence that he is being weighed down, as so many African-American candidates have in the past, by racial anxiety or outright racism.

RUSH: I told you way back this was going to happen. I said that contrary to everybody thinking Obama’s nomination and election would bring an end to the race business in America, it would only exacerbate it and make it worse. Of course it can’t be the fact that he’s out ripping his own country in Berlin. It can’t be the fact that he is avoiding meeting with military people in hospitals. It can’t be that he’s arrogant and condescending. It can’t be that his best friends have a virulent hatred for the United States of America and have made careers on it. It can’t be that his wife is angry as hell about America and needs a makeover in order to tone that down. It can’t possibly be that he tells 7-year-olds who ask him what he wants to be president for that his country is less than it once was, oh, it can’t possibly be due to anything with Obama and who he is because he is The Messiah, and everybody loves Democrats, and everybody hates Bush, and Obama’s new and unique and we’ve never had anybody like him before. So obviously it must be the Klan is still alive. It can’t possibly be that a lot of Americans have seen Obama as The Messiah and they don’t have any more emotion for it and they’re ready for some substance from the guy, and they haven’t gotten any. It can’t be that the American people might be going through a backlash over the wanton, naked, brazenness of the Drive-By Media trying to make this guy president before we’ve had the election. Oh, it couldn’t be any of these things. No, no, no, no, no. Can’t be this.

It has to be, as the erudite and elite Peter Beinart said, increasingly circumstantial evidence, by the way, that he’s being weighed down as so many African-American candidates have in the past, by racial anxiety or outright racism (crying). We wanted to get so past that, and America so disappoints. America’s so much a racist state. (crying) There you have the Drive-By Media attitude about this. By the way, Mr. Beinart, it couldn’t be that to the extent that race is in the campaign, Obama himself brought it in trying to alternately play a racial victim. Could it be that the American people don’t want to hear a highly successful individual complain and whine that there are going to be people criticize him because he doesn’t look like all the other presidents on the dollar bill? Is that a racial comment? Was that Obama playing the race card? What race is Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Beinart? I know I say this constantly. I’m past and beyond the point of being surprised at what is the stupidity, the narrow or closed-mindedness and genuine ignorance of people in the media and many scholars. But it just keeps getting worse.

This Walter Shapiro piece today in Salon where he admits to being totally fooled by the myth that was John Edwards, and he admits he didn’t know a thing about Edwards, he fell for the story that Edwards put out. I asked when I reported that, ‘Well, might you examine the story you manufactured about Obama?’ Obama’s running two campaigns. He’s running a postracial campaign and a racial campaign, and he goes to either one whenever he thinks it’s necessary. Lest we all remember, the notion of race, as far as this campaign is concerned, has been totally owned and dominated by the Democrat Party in their primaries, as has, I might add, sexism. All of the ugliness that has taken place in this campaign can be found on the Democrat side. And yet, it can’t possibly be due to any of the lack of experience that shows incompetence, that nobody knows anything about Obama, can’t be that. Nope. Racism. America is still imperfect, lots of work to do.


RUSH: I’d like to ask a question here of Peter Beinart, who is just ringing his hands and practically in tears over the fact that there’s racial anxiety — maybe even outright racism — in this country, which explains why Obama is still basically tied with McCain. Somebody ask Mr. Beinart, ‘What percentage of minorities won’t vote for McCain because of race?’ What are we hearing, about 92, 93% blacks are going to vote for Obama? Well, isn’t that blatant racism? I mean, 92% of whites are not going to vote for McCain. How about that, Beinart? If you’re going to throw around the race card, throw it at everybody. Now, Beinart is just another one of these self-aggrandizing pundits who has no clue what America thinks in his ivory tower at the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s something I think is pretty common about all of the media. They’re really detached and they’re distant. It’s a foreign country to them, outside of both coasts. So Beinart looks at Middle America the same way that Obama does — and Obama said he looks at it when he was in San Francisco at that fundraiser. All the while they claim they represent blue-collar America, when in truth they detest ’em. Who is he calling racists but blue-collar Americans?

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