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RUSH: Andre in New York City, you’re first on the EIB Network, sir, today. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Yes. How are you, amigo?

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Listen to me, Rush. Instead of advising Russia on what it should do, you should (unintelligible) from American Congress, Senate, US administration, tell them not to run around the world now that they got stuck in the tiny Third World nations that they starve together, coming to Russia crying (unintelligible), trying to convince people of Russia to send their children, constantly referring to 3,000 dead in America, over 1,400 people were murdered by dictatorship in Georgia, sponsored, supported by the United States. You spit into the faces of Russian Americans —

RUSH: Andre, hang on just a second.

CALLER: Okay, go ahead.

RUSH: Thank you. My hearing is such, I’m having to read what you’re saying —

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: No, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault. Did you say that Georgia murdered, it’s a dictatorship that murdered over 1,400 people?

CALLER: Would you disprove it, would you disagree with it?

RUSH: I’m asking you. This is the second day in a row that this program has featured calls from Russians who are angry. This reminds me, when the whole Kosovo thing was going on, I got calls from Serbs all over the country that were driving me up the wall telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about, now you Russians are giving me grief about this.

CALLER: Listen, listen, Rush, you are asking me whether that’s true, and you let Russia what to do, either you don’t know about the fact that they murdered 1,400 citizens–

RUSH: Well, how many people have the Russians murdered? How many millions have the Russians murdered over the course of the last century?

CALLER: How many have the American murdered?

RUSH: What are we talking about here? How many people have been slaughtered by Lenin and Stalin?

CALLER: (unintelligible) United States, those clowns.

RUSH: Oh, for crying out loud.

CALLER: What are you talking about?

RUSH: What am I talking about? What are you talking about?

CALLER: What are you — (unintelligible) —

RUSH: If we’re going to play moral equivalence here, 1,400 people is diddly-squat to 40 million.

CALLER: Listen to me. Listen to me. This country already invaded Russia, right? And now doesn’t remember, what, about 70,000 Americans laying in this ground —

RUSH: Wait a second. Which country invaded Russia, Georgia or the United States?

CALLER: You are talking now about history. United States, shortly after the first World War, invaded Russia. Why isn’t there a single museum?

RUSH: You are carrying a grudge from World War I?

CALLER: You are talking about something else, you are talking about 1,400 people, United States, this Senate, this Congress has come to Russia, crying, talk about towers in New York, even today, and —

RUSH: All right, all right, Andre —

CALLER: — spit on 1,400 Russians?

RUSH: Andre, calm down. Andre, are you in Brooklyn?


RUSH: Okay. Quick time-out, folks. I gotta go. I’m out of time here. Thanks very much.

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