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Rush’s Morning Update: Compass
August 13, 2008

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Recently, a Hartford, Connecticut incident made national news. It was thatvideo footage of a 78-year-old hit-and-run victim, lying in the street, while no one would come to his aid.

Well, now that lack of empathy has been replaced by anger. On Saturday, a parade was disrupted by gunfire. A 21-year-old was killed, a 7-year-old and 15-month-old wounded, in addition to four teens who were shot. Street gangs are believed to beresponsible.

In response to this, Hartford police have enacted a curfew. For the next month, juveniles must be off the streets at 9 p.m., unless accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

But the anger I spoke of is not directed at the criminal element behind the gang shootings. “Civil libertarians” are outraged at the curfew. An ACLU lawyer complains that the city is “blatantly violating the civil rights of minors” by placing an entire demographic under house arrest “for the inappropriate actions of a few.” “I can’t believe they’d be that stupid to try and dust off a statute,” says another ACLU attorney. They’remulling a legal challenge. Rep. Kenneth Green, a Hartford Democrat, wants to examine the “underlying causes” of the violence, such as “anger management issues among youths.”

In June, the city’s former deputy mayor was beaten and robbed while walking to breakfast. The mayor later asked if the town had lost its moral compass. Folks,this goes waybeyond Hartford. Liberalism is what’slost its moral compass… and you can see it in everycity run by liberalsin this country today. Just look!

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