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RUSH: This is a funny little bit here. This was this afternoon, just moments ago on DNCTV, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was talking to McCain advisor Carly Fiorina, and they had this little, bitty exchange here, runs about 21 seconds.

MITCHELL: Carly Fiorina is the Republican National Committee victory chairwoman and a spokeswoman for Barack Obama.

FIORINA: Actually I’m a spokeswoman for John McCain, not Barack Obama, Andrea. Nice to see you.

MITCHELL: My God. Talk about — let’s talk about Senator McCain and his energy plan and what he said. This is what Barack Obama, which is in my brain —

RUSH: Yeah, it’s exactly right. Barack Obama is in your brain, is on your brain. Barack Obama is in your computer. Barack Obama is in your mouth. Well, words come out of there. Poor Carly Fiorina, why go on this network anyway? DNCTV.

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