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RUSH: Now, let me go back to Pelosi and Obama and this whole energy business. As you know, one of the constant refrains, and Obama made mention of it today in his energy plan speech, of which there was not one plan to develop new energy, there wasn’t one solid thing that would lower prices, increase supply, not one. This was a speech designed to blame America for the problems that we have, and he came up with a new platitude: ‘We need to end the age of oil in our time.’ Oil is now officially a villain, it is a demon, it is causing world destruction, we are the number-one user, and therefore we need to be the number-one most punished. That’s the Democrat Party platform. They keep using this phrase: ‘Even if we started drilling, why, it would be seven years.’ I get so sick and tired of hearing this because it’s so easily refutable, and people have been refuting it ever since they started using it. Well, if Clinton hadn’t vetoed ANWR back in 1995 or ’94 we’d have that flowing now. You have to start somewhere. Nothing happens instantaneously and of course all these grandiose schemes for alternative energy and renewable energy, that’s not going to happen inside of 27 years, to the point that it replaces oil or 57 years. Just isn’t going to happen. But yet we gotta start on that immediately and while we’re starting on it we need to get rid of oil at the same time.

If you try to follow logically what these people say, you can tie your brain into a knot. How is it that people like The Messiah, Barack Obama, who tell us that the whole problem with oil prices is the speculators — they go back and forth, speculators, now we’re back to Big Oil being the evil ones. They say, though, that it would make no sense to drill because supplies would not increase until some speculative time in the future, whether it’s seven years or ten years or a thousand, it doesn’t matter, the fact is they are speculating when they tell us, if we start drilling today, there won’t be any oil for X-number of years, they themselves are speculating. Why is speculation only a problem when it involves capitalists making money on predictions about supplies in the market? When speculation, though, involves liberals actually reducing supplies and increasing prices, then speculation is suddenly okay. I mean, look at it this way. Shouldn’t the people who are truly worried about speculators be the first people to say, drill, drill, drill? ‘Cause all they’re doing is speculating. Seven years, ten years, whatever. They don’t know that. In fact, some oil companies will tell you they can get it out much sooner than that. We also, ladies and gentlemen, got a demand for equal time from Nancy Pelosi, we have granted it.

(playing of Nancy Pelosi spoof)

About sums it up. Here’s how this all happened, by the way. Last Friday on the House floor, here is an exchange between Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from New York, and congressman Steny Hoyer, Democrat, Maryland, who is Pelosi’s number two, also, and John Boehner, Republican Ohio, about adjourning for the summer recess.

WEINER: The rule suspended, the resolution is agreed to without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. The majority leader will —

HOYER: Mr. Speaker, pursuit to House Concurrent Resolution 398, 110th Congress, I move that the House do now adjourn!

WEINER: Those in favor say aye. Those opposed no. The ayes have it.

HOYER: I ask for a recorded vote!


WEINER: A recorded vote is requested. Those in favor of a recorded vote will rise, a sufficient number having arisen. A recorded vote is ordered. The members will record their votes by electronic device. This shall be a 15-minute vote!

RUSH: Utter chaos broke down when the Democrats tried to shut the place down. Here is John Shadegg after the House was adjourned for the summer recess. He’s a Republican, Arizona.

SHADEGG: How many of you remember the Boston Tea Party? This is the Boston Tea Party.

RUSH: Outside afterwards, Mike Pence, Republican from Indiana, said this.

PENCE: So we are here, we will stay later, we will be here through the break, until either the speaker calls this Congress back, or the president of the United States uses his authority to call a special session of Congress to bring them back and make them work and bring the American people relief at the pump.

RUSH: At a press conference outside the chamber on Friday, Mike Pence again.

PENCE: Republicans are dedicated to continuing to fight on the House floor because it’s not a Democratic House, it’s not a Republican House, it’s the people’s House, and the people deserve to know Republicans are fighting for energy independence.

RUSH: Yes, and they’re continuing the fight today, despite the fact there will be no cameras. Comrade Pelosi is effectively shut them — or had the janitor do it. Nobody will be seen, but they did sneak a YouTube video out. One of the members, John Carter from Texas is talking on the floor after the lights went out, and somebody was using a video phone to videotape what was going on after the lights went out, it’s been posted on YouTube. Here’s the audio.

CARTER: This is a historic day in the United States Congress. Members of the Republican minority have taken the floor and have continued the debate after the House has adjourned. The Democratic leadership has adjourned the House, turned out the lights, turned off the lights, and yet the Republicans are still talking about the need for an energy plan so we can drive down the price of gas in America. This is a historic — as far as we can tell, this has never been done before.

RUSH: You know, these guerrilla tactics, these guerrilla legislative tactics are just what the doctor ordered, regardless the issue. This is of course a great issue for this to happen. But they need your support. They need to find out that you approve of this, that you know what they’re doing, and everybody needs a boost of confidence now and then. But they’re very serious about this because this is a no-lose for them. How can you possibly lose on this issue? The only people that can lose big are Pelosi and the Democrats for once again promising something after the 2006 election, the House is going to be more open and all that, it’s nothing of the sort. They have returned to running this place in a dictatorial fashion like they did during the 40 years prior to 1994.

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