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MATALIN: Hi, Rush. Mary Matalin here. I can’t believe it’s 20 years. Congratulations. You’ve changed the world. Before you, there was only darkness. We were wandering in the desert with no purpose in the dark, and now we can see. You’re a leader, you’re a visionary, and you’re so darn funny. I love you more than life itself. I love you, Rush. Thank you for everything.

RUSH: Thank you, Mary Matalin. A dear, dear, close friend. I met Mary way back, jeez, this has to be late eighties, early nineties, somewhere around there. Brilliant as well.

BECK: Rush, it’s Glenn Beck, and I just wanted to wish you happy anniversary. Thank you for not only changing America, but also single-handedly saving AM radio so schlubs like me could actually have a job.

RUSH: Glenn Beck, part of the Premiere Radio stable, syndicated broadcast host. Thank you very much, Glenn. I appreciate that.


SOWELL: Rush Limbaugh program is not just a great personal achievement for one man, it’s a major contribution to society as a whole. It broke through the liberal monopoly in the media, presenting not only facts that have been filtered out by the mainstream media, but a whole way of thinking to which even highly educated people have seldom been exposed in our schools, our colleges and universities. The 20th anniversary is a red letter day not just for him, but for society as a whole. Let’s hope there will be another 20 years that follow at least. Thank you, Thomas Sowell.

RUSH: Wow, there’s a guy I admire more than I can express, Thomas Sowell, whose work I proudly cite frequently on this program. He’s at the Hoover Institute down at Stanford University on the campus there at Palo Alto. He’s with a bunch of great people, but I met him a bunch of times and he’s just a brilliant, brilliant individual. Thank you very much for those kind, and very, I must say, accurate words from Thomas Sowell.


VANDERVEEN: Hi, Rush. This is Larry Vanderveen. Congratulations on 20 remarkable years of the Rush Limbaugh Show and for single-handedly recreating AM radio in the process. It’s been a privilege to work with you for most of those years in your fight against the blood cancers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Your Cure-A-Thon broadcasts and your personal generosity have helped save thousands of lives. Your heart is truly as big as your talent, Rush.

RUSH: Thanks very much, Larry Vanderveen of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. All these tributes, they can start going to my head if I am not careful.

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