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RUSH: Here’s Edgar in Nashville, Tennessee. Edgar, thank you for waiting, welcome to Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Rush, I’m delighted to get you on this special day and to give you back my vote to continue running this country. If you’ll remember, I called you and unjustly chastised you last year because I thought you were defending the Republicans for bringing to closure McCain’s immigration bill. I was misinformed by the media. I was under the impression that that closure, like the previous one, had gone through, would have brought about unlimited immigration. But I was wrong. So I called to say that I was wrong, you were right, you know it and I know it, and I ask you to continue running the country.

RUSH: I remember, Edgar.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: You were so mad, ‘You know it and I know it,’ you must have said that five or six times in that call.

CALLER: I noticed you put it on your web the next day, and I approve of that, and my kids I think ordered some T-shirts.

RUSH: Well, Edgar, it takes a big man to call and say he’s wrong. It happens to me rarely, but when it does, I do it. I know it’s a big thing to do.

CALLER: Well, I appreciate you. I’ve listened to you since 1988 when you first came to Nashville. I’ve followed you since. So I compliment you. I hope that you do make another 20 years, and the only request I’d have is, if you ever get a chance, give us where the money rests in the global warming fraud, the transfer of tax credits and the carbon offsets. People don’t understand where the money flows. So, God bless you. And I, again, apologize and say once more, you’re right, and I was wrong, you know it and I know it.

RUSH: Thank you. (laughing) Thanks, Edgar, very much.

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