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HESTON: Hello, Rush. This is Chuck Heston. You and I met before you were Rush Limbaugh, really, well, you were Rush Limbaugh, but you hadn’t become the king of the airwaves at that point. And I remember our conversation very warmly and all the many, many times I listened to you and exchanged moments with you on the air since then. You are a major, major figure in this country’s exploration of the political scene. And I wish you well on your tenth anniversary and I’ll talk to you again on your 20th.

RUSH: He pulled it off. That was ten years ago, and as you know, Charlton Heston passed away from Alzheimer’s. Kit asked me today if I minded if we open the second hour with this, and I said, ‘No, by no means, let’s do it,’ because he wanted to wish me congratulations on the next ten, and he was able to do it.

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