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RUSH: By the way, before we move on, we have inaugurated something today that the website people, Koko and the crew, have been working on for months, and I guarantee you: You have not seen anything like it. It’s at my website, RushLimbaugh.com, and it is the virtual Limbaugh Museum of Broadcasting. Now, if I may say so, my website, as it is, is a gold mine. My website is cutting-edge. It is encyclopedic. There is more information available there on current events, history, anything you want, highlights and transcripts from many of these programs over the years. It’s a gold mine, and this Limbaugh Museum of Broadcasting is just…indescribable. I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like it. We have a series of featured exhibits in the lobby: The Golden EIB Microphone, Clinton trashing me on KMOX, letters from President Reagan, the little Remco Caravelle toy radio that I played with when I was ten years old. We have the Era of Limbaugh Timeline. It starts in the eighties, follows my career and world events up through today. We have a Rogues Gallery of liberals whose careers ended during 20 years of this program, people from Mario Cuomo to Mikhail Gorbachev to Puff Daschle. We have rooms dedicated to EIB One, the Harry Reid Smear Letter. There’s a theater. There is a genuine theater in there now, what’s playing on the theater is my appearance on Firing Line with William F. Buckley in 1992. Now, if you’re a website member, if you’re a 24/7 member, you get the whole show. Guests will get to see a clip. We will switch that out with a new video in the theater every month. You gotta go visit this at www.RushLimbaugh.com: the new virtual Limbaugh Museum of Broadcasting.

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