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RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites and the archives. One of the funniest montages that we have ever put together, April 18th, 2001, New Jersey Senator Bob Torricelli denying everything.

TORRICELLI: To challenge my integrity is beneath contempt. I do not deserve this treatment.

CHANG: Two watches, a Rolex watch, diamond earrings for his girlfriend —

TORRICELLI: I have never.

CHANG: — television set —


CHANG: — Oriental rug, grandfather clock, other antique items —

TORRICELLI: Done anything.

CHANG: — suits —

TORRICELLI: At any time.

CHANG: — approximately 14 deliveries of envelopes of cash to Torricelli’s house.

TORRICELLI: To betray the trust of the people of the state of New Jersey. Never!

RUSH: That was an attorney, David Chang, who had lowered the boom on The Torch, and Cookie Gleason put that together. We laugh ourselves silly every time we hear it.

In 1995, I went to speak to GOPAC, which is Newt Gingrich’s group, and this was during the budget battle of 1995, of course, and during that period in the school lunch fight and so forth, and I stood up and I greeted all the members of GOPAC by saying, ‘I’m happy to be here. I’m very much aware of the budget snafus that we’re going to have. The Democrats are saying that so many cuts that you guys are making in the House, that senior citizens are going to have to choose between medicine and dog food to eat instead of real food.’ I said, ‘I want to show you how compassionate I am. I went out and I got my mother a new can opener for the dog food,’ and of course the GOPAC people laughed. Patsy Schroeder on the floor of the House in 1995…

CONGRESSWOMAN SCHROEDER: And they had the big kahuna of GOPAC come speak, none other than Rush Limbaugh himself, who stood there and said — to all these people who paid all this money to keep GOPAC rich — he was hailing the GOP budget! He said, according to the paper and according to the C-SPAN tape, he thought it was wonderful because it would starve the poor and it would drive Medicare recipients, including his mother, to eat dog food. But not to worry, Mom, he says, I’m sending you a new can opener! Wow. That tells you what today’s about.

RUSH: That was Patsy Schroeder, who has since retired from the (laughing) House of Representatives. I remember a funny story about Patsy. She just bought it. Somebody had to run to the House floor. ‘No, no! He was joking.’ She had run for president in 1988, and she announced that she was no longer going to continue her candidacy, somewhere at the base of the Rocky Mountains out in Denver. As she announced that she was pulling out of the race she started to cry. (crying) ‘I can’t go on because I can’t win. I just can’t win.’ (crying) And then she buried her head on the shoulder of her husband. And I’m saying, ‘Wow. What a victory for feminism: crying because she can’t win!’ Feminists don’t cry. And then why even have her husband there? Feminism was teaching us that you don’t need men in your life. You certainly don’t need marriage, and you don’t need a relationship. All you need is a sperm bank if you want a little kid, but you don’t need some guy and his ‘baby makers’ to come around (as the Official Obama Criticizer refers to them), and yet there she was falling apart, hysterically crying and burying her head in the arms of her husband, Jim.

Let’s go back to October 16th, 1995. Washington, DC, the Million Man March. Calypso Louie Farrakhan. Keep in mind on this day, October 16th, 1995, a young Barack Obama was in the audience — he has admitted so — listening intently to Calypso Louie.

FARRAKHAN: In the background is the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial. Each one of these monuments is 19 feet high! Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president. Thomas Jefferson, the third president. And 16 and three make 19 again. (Rush audience laughing) What is so deep about this number, 19? Why are we standing on the Capitol steps today? (laughing) That number 19, when you have a nine, you have woman that is pregnant. And when you have a one standing by the nine, it means that there’s something secret that has to be unfolded. Abraham Lincoln’s statue: 19 feet high, 19 feet wide. Jefferson, 19 feet high, 16 — and the third president, 19, standing on the steps of the Capitol, in the light of the sun, offering life to a people who are dead.

RUSH: (laughter) They went on for two hours; they carried it all. C-SPAN carried it all, and they had some crowd shots now and then, and these guys, the Million Man March guys, just had the blankest looks on their face like they were clueless when he got into this 19 business. But the reason we replayed this, ladies and gentlemen, is that Barack Obama has proudly admitted being there that day and listening intently.

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