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CHENEY: Hello Rush. This is Dick Cheney. I’m a big fan of your show, as you know, and I’m sending good wishes to you as you mark your 20th year on the air. This great achievement testifies to your hard work and to the high standard of excellence that’s become your trademark. You are without question one of the great names in broadcasting history. I’m proud to know you, proud to call you a friend, and I look forward to listening for many years to come. Congratulations. Keep up the great work.

RUSH: Ah, this is cool. I just get goose bumps as I hear these accolades and these tributes. Plus I know it’s irritating Jennifer in Colorado Springs, who called to tell us — this is the woman that has to go to the doctor for high blood pressure medicine caused by listening to this program, yet she won’t turn it off. Therefore she’s the first audience member I’ve had who has called and admitted to me the show is killing her, and she won’t stop listening to it. It’s a slow form of suicide. Anyway. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. I appreciate it more than you know.

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