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RUSH: Grab 20th anniversary archive number seven, the one from January 1993. I meant to tell him this during a commercial. Let me know when you’ve found it. Here it is, folks.

REPORTER: January 1993.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Here is Pete, Mineola — Long Island here — New York. Welcome to the program, Pete.

CALLER: Rush, how are you?

RUSH ARCHIVE: Fine, thank you.

CALLER: Good. I just wanted to let you know you missed the boat on Clinton’s cabinet.

RUSH ARCHIVE: How is that?

CALLER: You don’t think that Hillary was going to let him hire anybody that looked good, do you?

RUSH ARCHIVE: (laughter) Well, you know, this is an interesting thing to ponder, and that is her role in all this. But I want to say something here because when I left the studio after pointing out feminist Undeniable Truth Number 24 and talking about how there are no babes in the Clinton cabinet that I’ve seen yet; I went in and talked to Diana Schneider, editor of the Limbaugh Letter, and she gets mad at me every time I do this stuff, and she said, ‘What about Warren Christopher, huh? What about Warren Christopher?’

‘For crying out loud, I’m telling you. What about Warren Christopher?’

‘Well, he’s ugly.’

I said, ‘So what? There is no movement out there that has been organized in part to see to it that ugly men are not discriminated against.’


I said, ‘It is one of the many building blocks of feminism. It’s institutional. It’s not that Clinton purposely went out and found a bunch of unattractive women. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s, if you’re going to choose feminists, that’s your pool.’

DONOVAN: Rush Limbaugh, celebrating 20 years of broadcast excellence.

RUSH: By the way, folks, you know, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has this book out. It’s 899 on Amazon. It costs 16 bucks. It’s at 899 on Amazon. She is the most powerful woman in Washington. Earlier today, her book was at 860 something on Amazon. It has fallen 30 slots after Drudge put it up. I was afraid when Drudge put it up that the libs would run out and start buying the thing en masse. But fewer people are buying it since the sales figure went up. Ah, she’s an historic figure. They’re telling us she’s an historic figure.


DONOVAN: October 19th, 1994.

RUSH ARCHIVE: ‘The New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women is targeting the New York Times…’ (laughter) ‘…the New York Times, because they’ve chosen right-wing roundabout Rush Limbaugh for a TV commercial promoting the paper. Diane Welsh, NOW’s New York City chapter president, said, ‘We are urging our members to exercise choice and not buy the Times while Limbaugh is being used.” The question is, will the Times cave. This is going to be a real interesting thing for the Times: Do they cave to the NOW gang, or do they hang tough? In fact, if the Times knows what’s best for them, they will delay the start of the Jackson campaign flight and stick with mine and watch subscriptions soar.

DONOVAN: Rush Limbaugh, celebrating 20 years of broadcast excellence.

RUSH: But they caved. The New York Times caved to the NAGs and pulled the ad that I had done. I got a note from Pinch Sulzberger personally asking me to do this, and I think the Reverend Jackson was also part of the campaign, but they threatened to boycott the New York Times and that was the end of my commercial flight. These were TV spots for the New York Times.

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