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RUSH: We want to go back to 1992. In 1992, the Clinton campaign was much like the Obama campaign is today. It was just sailing along and Clinton was thought of as something new and fresh and young. And we, on the opposite side of Clinton, had very great problems with his character, his inability to tell the truth, and people’s seeming lack of interest in any of that.Clinton’s big campaign slogan was, ‘It’s the economy, stupid,’ and he kept talking about how this was the worst economy in the last 50 years, when it wasn’t. We were coming out of a tiny, tiny little recession. People’s memories were so short, the seventies under Jimmy Carter, the late seventies, were absolutely horrible, and yet people were calling and saying it can’t get any worse, it can’t get any worse. I had spent all this time trying to convince people, he’s not what you think. This guy is as disingenuous and as dishonest and as insincere and doesn’t have a whole lot of substance whatsoever. It didn’t matter. They were just angry at George Bush. They were feeling economic pain. So I decided on a different tack. Rather than tell people what I thought was wrong with Clinton, I thought that I would illustrate it.
BEGIN ARCHIVE CLIP RUSH: I actually have the shakes. I do not want to do the show today. My friends, it’s just this simple. I have changed my mind on the presidential race. And if the mood of this country is not where I am right now, then I’m the one that’s going to have to change. Here at 12 minutes after the hour on the 22nd of October, I’m here to tell you that I have decided to endorse the candidacy of Bill Clinton for president. It’s the only way I think the country can really, truly be saved. I’ve had to weigh my thoughts very carefully. I’ve had to weigh this decision. I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve talked to a lot of people. I have not made this decision lightly. Let’s see. What else do I have — I’m — I’m — I don’t know. Let me just go to the phones. Camille in Brooklyn. Camille, hi, Rush Limbaugh, welcome to the program.CALLER: Yes. I’m surprised you said that you’re voting for Clinton. I’m really shocked. I can’t believe you threw in the towel.RUSH: You have to do what you think is right.

CALLER: But Clinton, that slimeball, how could you even think of voting for that — oh, my God. I just can’t talk anymore, I just can’t, I’m sorry. (hangs up, dial tone.)

RUSH: Hmm. Well, see, that’s an indication of how tough it is for everybody. What am I to do? Am I supposed to come in here and make it up? Am I supposed to come in here — just the charade is — I can’t do that, folks. Phyllis in the Bronx in New York. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. My name is Phyllis.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: I am a conservative. I am home sick today, but now I’m really sick. Rush, what are you doing to us? I’m sick and tired of the liberals in this country pushing our buttons.

RUSH: What are you talking about?

CALLER: I mean, you’re backing mister — you’re backing Bill Clinton.

RUSH: I am not. I am not.

CALLER: You just said you’re backing —

RUSH: I never said that.

CALLER: But I heard you say those words.

RUSH: No, no. You’re just trying to twist my words and turn them around. I never said it.

CALLER: What did you say? Could you just tell me — you said you could — you know, I can’t even talk, I’m so upset. I’m practically ready for tears.

RUSH: You keep talking about something that happened 23 minutes ago. It’s irrelevant.

CALLER: You know, Rush, I know what I heard. I’m sitting here, and I’m listening to you. I listen to you every chance I get.

RUSH: Well, you’re going to have to —

CALLER: You’re the guru of conservatives.

RUSH: You’re going to have listen a little bit more closely, Phyllis and you’re going to have to think about the future. What happened in the past is irrelevant, it doesn’t matter. Suzette from Chicago, welcome to the program.

CALLER: You know, mega dittos, and accolades. You are wonderful. I put on your show, and I had a coronary, and I’m listening to you, and I start to think, ‘No, I know what you’re doing, Rush. You’re doing the Bill Clinton flip-flop.’

RUSH: You know, this is really sad.

CALLER: (laughing) No —

RUSH: No, no, no, no —

CALLER: — the guy, you’re going to deny it.

RUSH: This is really pathetic.

CALLER: You’re going to deny it, but then again–

RUSH: Well, of course I’m going to deny it —

CALLER: Well, sure.

RUSH: — because I didn’t say it.

CALLER: I know, I’m going —

RUSH: And we cannot move forward.

CALLER: I know we can’t move forward.

RUSH: You’re going to continue to try to make me the issue here, this is really sad.

CALLER: I know, isn’t it terrible? What you’re doing is really great. You can deny it, that’s okay, but —

RUSH: What do you mean I can deny it? I am denying it. I do deny it.


RUSH: I never said I was for Clinton.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: You people out there, you are so worried about my conservative views. You think I’m such a maniac, now you’re hearing me say things I’ve never said.

CALLER: You want to play the tape?

RUSH: I’m not gonna play the tape. I know what I said. I didn’t say that.

CALLER: Okay. You know, I’d like to say one thing, though, is that you really bring home a point with —

RUSH: I don’t know what she’s talking about. You keep going over and over. She just keeps making the same point here, and we’ve been patient.

CALLER: You can deny it, dear sir, but I know what you’re doing.

RUSH: I didn’t say it. Still, I’ve had you on the phone here for five minutes and all you want to talk about is something that happened, what, 45 minutes ago. I was younger then.


RUSH: That was in my youth. Can’t hold me accountable for what happened in my youth. It doesn’t matter. We gotta move the country forward. I had people calling from all over the country. They were going to cancel their Rush to Excellence Tour tickets. They weren’t going to go. At any rate, it didn’t work. Clinton, of course, was elected with 43% of the vote. Maybe it did work. This was the Perot election, as you recall.

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