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RUSH: I forgot to mention yesterday — you know, I felt yesterday, if I must be honest with you, I was telling Snerdley when we left yesterday, I felt like I left half my IQ at home. Yes, my brain didn’t seem to be working as quickly and fluidly as I’m accustomed to it. Snerdley assured me that was not detectable, but I feel a little bit better here today, ladies and gentlemen. This is an example of what I mean by leaving half my intellect at home yesterday. The people at Human Events are doing a huge, huge, nice thing, a send-up on my 20th anniversary, Jed Babbin. I did a little interview with him on Friday, and they published the transcript of it yesterday. Levin had just a great piece. I guess they’re having people all week write different pieces. We linked to it at RushLimbaugh.com, but I forgot to mention this yesterday and to thank them.
Our buddies at World Net Daily are doing just all kind of things, posting print pieces from all kinds of people, and I forgot to mention this yesterday. I felt — (interruption) well, I know, but they started this on Friday and through the weekend, and I have manners, I’m polite, I wanted to thank them, and I did just as I say, I left half my IQ at home yesterday.I didn’t feel physically bad, I just felt like the brain wasn’t working. I know for most people that’s how you are most days, but that’s unusual for me, and it was a little frustrating. Of course, when the staff says, ‘No, we couldn’t tell the difference,’ you know how staffs are, they suck up. That’s why I trust my instincts on all of this. Speaking of the 20th anniversary week celebration, the 20th anniversary is coming up on Friday, I’ve had a number of requests for highlights from previous shows, and one of the most frequently received requests has been for phone calls from Mick from the high mountains of New Mexico. We have coming up later in the week a whole piece on Dan’s Bake Sale featuring Mick from the high mountains of New Mexico, but I asked Cookie, go into the archives, just find, doesn’t matter what it is, just find one today. She found one from October 28, 1994, about 14 years ago. This is Mick, who is no longer with us, by the way. Mick from the high mountains of New Mexico and the closest thing that we’ve ever had to a regular caller on this program. We haven’t had one since. I guess he became a regular caller, but I don’t remember, did he just get in when he called? He just got in. (interruption) Oh, that’s right. I sent Mick a fax machine so he could fax stuff to us. Man, the things I have forgotten. Anyway, here’s that call. It just runs a couple of minutes, shy of two minutes here.RUSH: Well, looky here. Look who we have back on our phones. It’s Mick from the high mountains of New Mexico. Welcome back, sir. Mick?

MICK: Yes, sir.

RUSH: How are you?

MICK: From the high mountains of New Mexico, sir. How are you?

RUSH: Great. I’m glad you’re there.

MICK: Besides burning up my fax machine trying to get rid of Bingaman, Richardson, and King, I had a message for you. Do you still have that deer head that Ted Nugent sent you?

RUSH: Yeah. It’s sitting there on my TV show set.

MICK: Well, sir, I am sending — I caused the demise of 11 coyotes, and ten of them —

RUSH: When did you do this?

MICK: Just during the recent season.

RUSH: You caused the demise of 11 coyotes.

MICK: Right. I brought 11 them back. Ten of them made a parka for my ex, and the prime coat of all is being shipped to you to hang on one of those horns that you have of Nugent’s whitetail.

RUSH: Moose.

MICK: So I’m going to mail it to you.

RUSH: Well, that’s terrific.

MICK: It’s a full —

RUSH: How big is it?

MICK: It’s a full skin. I’m looking at it right now. It’s hanging on the wall. I’d say it’s about four feet long, tail and all.

RUSH: Now, what do people normally do with these things? I mean if you don’t —

MICK: Make coats out of them.

RUSH: Yeah, but if you don’t do that, what do you do, frame it, or do you hang it?

MICK: No, you just hang it on the wall. Say, ‘Look what a man I am,’ you know. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) I skin my own coyote.

MICK: Skin it out.

RUSH: Well, this is tremendous. I have never had my own coyote skin, and we will hang it on Nugent’s moose with pride. Thanks, Mick. As always, it’s great to hear from you.

RUSH: Mick from the high mountains of New Mexico. We all met him for the first time at Dan’s Bake Sale and he looked pretty much exactly like what we expected him to look like, a cowboy, thin, gaunt almost with a weather-worn face and so forth, genuine man, he was a genuine man.

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