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RUSH: One more comment here, ladies and gentlemen. I talked about this in the opening hour of the program today. As you know, the left is continuing its quest to find the liberal Rush Limbaugh. The latest discovery was announced by the New York Times yesterday in a piece by Jim Rutenberg. Now, apparently Jim Rutenberg went out and found three black talk show hosts whose audiences, if combined, get close to 20 million a week, although they can’t be sure, but they think so. This is just the latest effort to find the latest me. I was thinking about this during the top of the hour. What has the New York Times done? When you boil all this down, they have gone back, they have rolled back the clock and they have established the notion that existed at the days of the founding of this country, that it takes three black guys to equal one of me. So therefore the New York Times has basically said they’re three-fifths of a person. I don’t even know that Rutenberg is aware that he’s done this, but this is clearly one way to look at it. It takes three of these black hosts ostensibly to equal me, three-fifths of one or three of them to me.

Speaking of the black vote, I also touched on this in the previous hour, from the Washington Post: ‘Hurdles in Expanding Black Vote.’ New voters are a key to his strategery, but return on investment is uncertain. It’s datelined out of Macon, Georgia: ‘Amanda Bass, a volunteer for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, had already tried once to get Wilmer Gray to register to vote. But when she glimpsed him in a black T-shirt and White Sox cap again on a recent weekday at the main bus stop here, she was determined to give it another try. This time, Gray, 21, agreed — but his bus pulled up before he could fill out the form. Bass jumped onboard and persuaded the driver to wait. ‘He was someone I’d worked hard to get,’ said Bass, 19. ‘I couldn’t let him go, not after seeing how far he’d come.’ At the heart of the Obama campaign’s strategy is a national effort to increase registration and turnout among the millions of Democratic-inclined Americans who have not been voting, particularly younger people and African Americans. The push began during the primaries but expanded this month to a nationwide registration drive led by 3,000 volunteers dispatched around the country.’

Now, we all get soapy syrupy when we hear about voter registration because we all think, ‘Isn’t this just wonderful, all these new voters registering to participate in the Democrat process.’ One of the things that astounds me about this, in every poll that you see — and I don’t doubt these numbers — anywhere from 89 to 93% of blacks in a presidential poll say they’re going to vote for Obama, and yet here’s a story, ‘Hurdles in Expanding Black Vote.’ Now, he’s The Messiah. Why do they have to go out and register anybody? If there’s all of this excitement, if there’s all of this palpable, pulsating desire on the part of all peoples to have The Messiah sit in the Oval Office, why did they have to go out and find them? If we’re being told the truth about the magnetism of the Obama campaign, shouldn’t these people be flooding voter registration efforts on their own? And remember that there was a story, AP, New York Times, I forget which, within the past couple of weeks that Obama is not solving the race relations problem, his candidacy is not bringing that about. I was stunned they ran that story because he is the great unifier. So here’s what you can take from this.

The Obama strategy, ladies and gentlemen, is to ramp up black voter registration. But look where he’s campaigning. He’s not doing it. He’s got these 3,000 volunteers out there, but where is Obama campaigning? Obama is campaigning in white areas, and when he’s campaigning in these white areas he complains about being a victim of stereotypes, either his preacher or his race or his terrorist buddy, Bill Ayers, or his name, whatever these things, he’s running around portraying himself as a victim. If you look at Obama campaign appearances, the crowd that they seat behind his podium is almost all white. Why? They’ve got the black vote wrapped up. Well, plus, they want to make it look like he’s moved and expanded beyond that. So I think what’s happening here is that Obama is running two campaigns. There’s a more underground campaign in the black community, which plays up his race, and then there is another campaign which is for the media and the broader population, which plays down his race. This is what he’s doing. Playing it up, in black communities, where he doesn’t go, he’s got these volunteers, and then plays it down with the Drive-Bys and the rest of the population. And this, by the way, is how the Saul Alinsky types, the big liberal organizer of great reputation to liberals in Chicago, this is how they think and work, always strategic, always the ends justifies the means.

There’s really no substance to this campaign. Do whatever it takes to, A, demonize your opponents forever, destroy them, not just defeat them, and do whatever it takes to win, and if you have to obfuscate your positions on Iraq and proclaim defeat and say no, you were always for victory, then do it with confidence and the Drive-Bys will follow right along. You’re not supposed to emphasize race directly. This is from the Alinsky teachings. Don’t emphasize race generally unless it can be used to garner support through victimization. And the media will do these stories, and you’re going to see a wondering if white people will end up voting for a black, and, by the way, look for a whole bunch more of those as we get close to the election. If he doesn’t crack 50% in the polls, I don’t care if there’s a third-party candidate in there, remember, this is The Messiah. This is somebody never seen before. This guy ought to be at 60% in the polls or more given the media coverage. If he doesn’t crack 50% then we’re going to start seeing stories about, ‘Is this country really willing to work for a black? Have we really shed our racist past?’ You’re going to see hand-wringing stories from the Drive-Bys about this attempting to shame people into abandoning their supposedly bigotry. You’re also, in addition to playing up the stereotype wondering if whites will vote for a black, you’re going to see stories about, ‘Do Americans really think he’s Muslim?’ and they’re going to go out and they’re going to find the biggest kooks they can find say, ‘Yeah, of course he’s Muslim. Everybody knows he’s a Muslim; he’s a terrorist.’

The Drive-Bys will have those stories out there to try to impugn people who don’t see Obama as The Messiah. But the racial aspect will be emphasized in communities where it can be helpful. I think because he’s running two campaigns, this is why the stutters, this is why the uhs and ands and, uh, because he’s on edge. When he doesn’t have it written for him on the teleprompter, and he’s out there live, this is why he doesn’t want to do town halls with McCain, he’s walking the tightrope, he is one syllable or two words or so away from a major gaffe, and whether his lead is nine points or three points, as Rasmussen says, that’s just one gaffe. He can wipe out his name with one big gaffe, so he’s thinking, he’s measuring every word, almost every syllable to avoid a screw-up because he’s got two different campaigns going on. In fact, maybe more. This explains his two-pronged approach to the surge. ‘It didn’t work, it doesn’t have a chance of working, if I knew then what I knew now I’d still vote against it.’

On the other hand, depending on the audience, he praises the surge and says he knows and knew that increased troop levels would reduce violence temporarily, plus he’s also said that increased troop levels would increase — he’s all over the board on this ’cause he’s running a bunch of different campaigns. He’s not being genuine. There’s nothing messianic. There is nothing unique. It’s a typical pandering, populist campaign run by a liberal who is trying to disguise as much of his liberalism as possible. The surge is working so he can’t be seen against it, but he was against it so he’s gotta qualify that. So you say you were always for something even though you weren’t but that it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place because we shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and this is how you obfuscate all this. So the Obama campaign is built on foundations of deceit and that’s why the stuttering, and that’s why the oohs and the ahs and the, uh, and, uh, because he’s on a tightrope when he’s off script.


RUSH: To the phones we go, LaVaughn in Baltimore. LaVaughn, thank you for waiting. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello to you! Mega dittos from the most taxed state in the US.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. We’re hurting here. I just wanted to ask and make a suggestion to you. How do Republicans reach out to the black voters? I’m a black Republican, and I’ve been blessed with 20 years of listening to you, and I come from a conservative household, but how do you think Republicans should reach out to the black voters?

RUSH: Ah. Well, the way I would reach out to black voters is the way I would reach out to any voter.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: If I were actually campaigning — and I’m glad you called. You know, this is a fabulous, fabulous question, because, under the umbrella we’re all Americans here, and we have a capitalist system that rewards certain applications, like hard work and determination, education, ambition, passion, these kinds of things. I would just do everything I could if I had a chance to talk to a group of black Americans or any other group, about the greatness of the country, remind people —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — what it took to found it and what kind of system that we have, and how all obstacles can be overcome with application.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And I would tell ’em, I’d point-blank say, the Democrat Party has destroyed your family. The Democrat apart has tried to make you as big a victim class population as possible, they have tried to keep you angry. They’ve tried to keep you upset. They have told you that you don’t have any chance in this country because we’re inherently racist and discriminatory. Yet use your own eyes and look out across the country and find all of the great examples of black success, be it academic, economic, scientific, athletic, what have you.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It’s out there for you to have. And I would expect to get all kinds of questions and protestations, and I would expect for them to tell me, I don’t know what their lives are like.

CALLER: Yes. Because what I’m seeing right now is an illegitimate vote, and I think black voters should have to legitimize their vote. And the reason why I say illegitimate is because it’s not a vote on the issue, because, you see, 40 cents on the dollar, that big tax hike, the tax hike that he wants there; will, quite honestly, destroy inner-city black people, especially those who don’t have adequate income to pay that 40-cent tax increase on gas, you know, just to heat their homes. But it’s not the issue that they’re voting for, it’s the issue. It’s just because he’s black, and it’s kind of embarrassing to me because when I talk to other people, they look at me like, ‘Well, you know, you’re only voting for Barack because he’s black, you know,’ and what has he said he was going to do for the black people? You know, nothing at all, and like you said before you went on break —

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. The polls show 89, 92% of the black vote is going to vote for Obama. Why do you think they’re voting for him?

CALLER: I think it’s just because —

RUSH: Because he —

CALLER: We had the discussion Saturday when I got my haircut. It’s only because that some people believe that if you’re black, you have to vote for the other black person.

RUSH: Right. They’re voting for him ’cause he’s black. Whatever the reasoning, they gotta stick together, we shall overcome. Whatever it is, it’s because he’s black.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: They don’t know what he stands for.

CALLER: Right. The problem that you come in to —

RUSH: Because he’s black. If I were to commence an outreach —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — to a group, large or small, of black people, I wouldn’t even talk political party.

CALLER: Right, yeah.

RUSH: I wouldn’t show up as an emissary of the Republican Party. I wouldn’t say, ‘I’m here for your vote.’


RUSH: I would say, ‘I’m here for you.’

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: There’s a whole country out there that’s passing you by because you have been told incorrect things about it, you have not been inspired. In fact, you’ve been depressed. You’ve been told that the decks are stacked against you and you don’t have a chance.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And you’ve been convinced to rely on a political party to make things right for you, and they’ve been promising for all these years, and you still have the same complaints, don’t you think —

CALLER: Mmm-hmm. Right.

RUSH: — it’s time for you to start thinking a different way, be the voting, thinking a different way? Because if you approach ’em from the standpoint, ‘I want your vote,’ —

CALLER: Right. Exactly.

RUSH: — you’d lose.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: They’re going to be cynical and suspicious of anybody comes along and wants their vote. But if you talk to them about them — and see, I would say things like this to them. ‘I note that when philanthropists donate money to start school voucher programs in inner-city areas, I note that the black moms and dads who want their kids out of these inner-city schools are the first to show up, and they’ll do anything to get their kids out of these run-down schools into a better school, participating in the voucher program.’

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, I would say, ‘Why do you not extend that to other aspects of life? Yeah, you want great education for your kids, but don’t you want a better life for you? If the public school system…’ You know, I might even remind them who runs it and why.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: ‘If the public school system is failing you, and you know that, what else is failing you,’ or where else are you failing? It would be dicey to say ‘what else is failing you,’ because that makes them dependent. I’d love to do it just to see what kind of reaction I would get, because that would prepare me for the second time —

CALLER: Right. Exactly.

RUSH: — that I went out and tried it. I’ll tell you, the Democrats have been so successful for so many years in poisoning the minds of a lot of minorities, not just blacks, that there’s bigotry and racism and unfairness and discrimination and so forth. The basic problem is they’re raised angry, they grow up angrier, and that doesn’t get anybody anywhere.

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