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RUSH: This is yesterday in Israel. Barack Obama and a portion of his remarks.

OBAMA: You don’t just have to look at a portion of my words. You can look at my deeds. Uh, just this past — uh, this past week we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee — which is my committee [sic] — a bill to, uh, call for divestment from Iran as a way of ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don’t, uh, obtain a nuclear weapon.

RUSH: Only one problem. He’s not on the banking committee. He is not on the banking committee! They’re trying to cover this, and this is a gaffe. They are trying to talk about this, ‘No, he was talking about a different committee. He cited the wrong committee.’ No, he said he was on the banking committee, ‘which is my committee,’ he said. Above and beyond that, a bill to call for divestment from Iran? Guess whose idea this is? We’ve been divesting in Iran. We’ve been freezing Iran’s assets. This has been going on for a couple of years, if not longer. Obama gives a speech on what’s going on in the Middle East, and it’s like nobody knew this before. Like ‘The Israelis and Palestinians don’t like each other and they’ve been going at it for centuries,’ and, of course, we’re supposed to sit and listen to Obama say this and say, ‘Wow, it’s been going on that long? We didn’t know!’ And he gets all this credit for being brilliant and able to see things nobody else can see. The McCain camp decided to have a little fun with Obama. This is Obama yesterday after visiting Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial. This is what Obama said.

OBAMA: It’s critical that we impart to our children a sense of both the dangers and peril that, uh, exists in our world but also, uh, that they feel, uh, a sense that they have the power to bring about the changes, uh, we need to ensure that when we say ‘never again,’ we mean it.

RUSH: All right, ‘never again’ the phrase. Never again the Holocaust. Never again. McCain decided to say, ‘Wait a minute, how can he say this? He didn’t care about the genocide in Iraq,’ and the liberals are just up in arms at the McCain camp’s reaction to what Obama said here. McCain’s campaign questioned Obama’s willingness to stop genocide because they had no interest in stopping it in Iraq or in a number of other places. But think about it. Based on what we know about Obama, would he have fought Nazi Germany after the Japanese ‘dropped the bomb’ on Pearl Harbor? The bomb? The Japanese ‘dropped the bomb,’ he said, on Pearl Harbor. Would Obama have done what FDR did? They would be able to call it a distraction, to be consistent. Now they whine. Now they whine. This morning PMSNBC, Brian Williams interviewing Obama and this is Obama’s response to McCain’s claim that he cares more about winning the election and winning the war in Iraq.

OBAMA: Yeah, I — I was disappointed by that language. Uhhh, ehhh, yuuuh, you know, John McCain and I disagree on policy. You know, we disagreed on going into the war in Iraq. Uh, we disagreed, until recently, about the need to get more troops into Afghanistan. Uh, but I’ve never questioned, uh, that he wants to make America safer. Uh, and for him to suggest that I don’t, uhhh, for him to suggest that somehow, uh, I’m less concerned about the safety of my wife and daughter, uh, than he is, uh, I think, uh, was, uh — was unfortunate.

RUSH: Listen to all those uh’s in there! That’s why we did that montage. You’ve got to keep that montage standing by, Mike. Do you have that at your fingertips to be used in a flash? Good. So all McCain said was that Obama wanted to lose the war in Iraq. Obama said this! It was about the surge working. Now that you know, would you do it again. He said, ‘No, I would never support the surge even though it worked. I needed something to disagree with Bush about. We needed to change the political discussion.’ McCain says, ‘Oh, so he would rather lose a war in order to win an election.’ It’s a perfectly normal reaction. A lot of people had that reaction to what Obama was saying, and not just about Obama! The Democrats will wreck any part of this country they have to, temporarily, in order to win the election. What do you think they are doing now by stopping any action on drilling, any progress whatsoever? They want you suffering. They want you miserable. I’m not saying they want terrorist attacks. Don’t misunderstand that. But they are doing everything they can to keep you as angry and miserable as possible so you’ll think it’s all Bush’s fault and vote for Obama. So Obama starts whining, as he always does. He’s just a little victim. So on ABC’s World News last night, David Wright interviewed McCain, asked him this: ”Senator Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a campaign.’ That’s pretty strong language. Do you really think he’s that craven?’

MCCAIN: Senator Obama has refused to recognize that the strategy in Iraq called the surge has succeeded.

WRIGHT: But what you are saying there is that it’s all about personal ambition for him, and not about what he honestly thinks is right for the country!

MCCAIN: I do not believe any objective observer to conclude the surge did not work, and he should know better if he wants to be commander-in-chief and certainly behave differently as far as our presence and our strategy in Iraq.

RUSH: There was a follow-up question from ABC’s David Wright: ‘But it sometimes seems, as an outside observer, that both you guys sometimes get stuck in the past. Senator Obama’s kind of stuck in 2003, whether the war was a good idea in the first place; and you kind of seem stuck sometime in 2007, whether the surge was the right strategy. Shouldn’t this debate be about the future and where we go from here? ‘

MCCAIN: You are exactly right. It’s all about the future and the future, in my view, we have succeeded. But it’s still fragile.

WRIGHT: You — you — you yourself have said —

MCCAIN: The point is that we are responsible for our records. I was right; Senator Obama was wrong. So therefore I think that I have more credibility on what the future should be, as opposed to Senator Obama — who if he would have had his way, we would be very likely be involved in a wider war today.

RUSH: We would have lost it if Obama had had his way.

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