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RUSH: Abbott in Yonkers, New York, we go to you first today, sir, and it’s great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, thank you. Nice being with you. Exciting, it really is. So I called because I recently was on my cell phone looking at the news and I was on CNN unfortunately and there’s an article, this commentary on Barack Obama and the title was ‘Why Americans Can’t Get Over Race’ and the article talks about that racism and prejudice was immovable even if you abolish slavery and went on to say that Barack Obama is going to challenge this and Americans have historic chance to challenge this by voting for him. And I couldn’t help but thinking about how this is pretty much ubiquitous in the media now where it’s, if you vote for Obama, you have a chance to make history and end racism in America, but without looking at who the man is, without looking at his credentials.

RUSH: Here’s the thing about this. The first thing, what this illustrates — something that I, ladies and gentlemen, coined as a descriptive phrase of the Drive-By Media over 17 years ago — is symbolism over substance. The Democrat Party, symbolism over substance. The substance of Obama doesn’t matter. He is all symbolic. He is iconic and he is a symbol and he represents history in this case. He represents the country shedding original sin which is slavery. The Drive-Bys, they all come from the civil rights tradition and so they’re just ecstatic about this. CNN doing a story on this, you don’t have to tell me what it was. I don’t have to watch it to know what CNN did. I mean, the dirty little secret is that it will do no such thing and an Obama ascendancy to the presidency will not end the race business as it has come to exist. Shelby Steele had a piece in the Wall Street Journal this week and he said one of the keys to the race business — the Reverend Sharptons, the Reverend Jacksons — is to continue the notion of black inferiority. Black inferiority, that’s the key. For it all to work, blacks have to be inferior. They have to be inferior on the basis of not who they are, but the color of their skin and it is this inferiority that allows the race business hustlers to use them for their own ends.

White guilt, which is a theme of Dr. Steele’s, white guilt is found at the root of the race business and of much of the problems that we have in the country. White guilt enables black inferiority, the black culture promotes the inferiority by claiming, ‘We don’t have a chance; we’re black. This country hates us, look at the past,’ but there are heretics here. There are conservative black Americans who are not inferior obviously and, of course, they represent a big threat. They do not represent success. They do not represent role models. They do not show inferior people how to shed the inferiority complex and become something. The Reverend Jackson says you can be somebody, but he doesn’t want that to happen. He wants them to think they can, but he doesn’t want them to act on it because if they become somebody, they become traitor. So Obama comes along and one of the fears that the Reverend Jackson has and the Reverend Sharpton has, is wait a minute, these young inferior, old inferior feeling blacks who are made to feel that way, they look to the Oval Office of the White House and there’s one of them in there. Now, how in the hell do you keep them feeling inferior? At some point all this inferiority is going to translate into a certain sense of pride among black people. Once they stop feeling inferior, then the race business has a big problem and that is one of the key reasons why the Reverend Jackson wants to remove The Messiah’s nuts.

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