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RUSH: Cedar Falls, Iowa, and this is Jacob, who is 16 years old. Hi, Jacob. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Honor to talk to you, sir. I have a couple comments about what the environmentalists and the liberals have been saying.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Specifically about the term ‘renewable energy.’ That term doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me because it contradicts the second law of thermodynamics that says energy can’t be created or destroyed. The sun is constantly losing energy through light and heat and solar flares, and we capture the energy from it, we’re going to use it and it’s going to disappear from us, so I don’t understand how they can use that term renewable.

RUSH: Here’s the thing. That’s a great point, and I would add to it the word alternate or alternative. It’s clear to me — see, if I were your age or a little older, and there was a liberal babe out there that I wanted to meet up with and see where it went, I’d start talking about alternative energy, and you’d own ’em. These liberal women, they just fall for that hook, line, and sinker. Alternative, renewable energy. Man, just make ’em think you’re going to buy a Prius and you can have your way with them. You don’t even have to actually buy the thing. You just make ’em think it. It’s the most amazing thing. You can wrap a US senator around your little finger, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer just by running around talking about alternative fuels, renewable energy.

CALLER: I got to thinking, though, about the ‘renewable’ word, and I could actually use it, because coal and gas originally came from the sun. Coal is from decomposed plants, those used photosynthesis, convert light into energy, and gas, I did my research, it comes from diatoms, which aren’t plants, but they convert light to energy. So actually the coal and gas are a source of stored solar energy.

RUSH: Absolutely, you could say the same thing about other fossil fuels as well. You’re very smart. You’re a very bright guy. You’ve been thinking about this.

CALLER: Yes. I appreciate your show. It’s gotten me to think a lot.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad that that happened, you know, because I get calls from people, Jacob, all the time who say, ‘We’re going to hell in a handbasket, Rush, our culture is rotting,’ and so forth, and everybody seems to buy now this notion that the government needs to get big and supply everybody’s wants and needs and so forth, and I always believe when I get calls from people your age all the way through college who are applying yourselves intellectually to all this, you know, you guys, you may grow up and be the ones that are the instruments of rolling back some of this outrageousness that your parents and grandparents happen to be accepting these days, I mean generically your parents, your elders. But I’m proud, it’s great to have somebody like you in this audience, 16 years old and you’ve been thinking about this.

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: You must have an IQ almost as high as mine.

CALLER: Oh, I don’t think nearly so.

RUSH: It’s probably higher. But you ought to try that on some liberals, ‘What do you mean renewable energy? You mean like coal?’ (laughing) See what they do. The fact of the matter is that virtually everything we have on this planet would die, including us, without the sun. It would be the end of it. You want the oceans to freeze? He’s right, even the sun is losing energy. It’s not renewable itself. It’s going to take billions and billions and billions of years, so they say, before it’s expired. We won’t be around to see it. By the way, Rasmussen went out and asked the American people what they think about Algore’s panic. ‘We only got ten years to eliminate all fossil fuel generated electricity,’ yeah, ten years. ‘Only 33% of American voters believe Algore’s proposal to switch all of the nation’s electricity production to wind, solar, and other carbon-free sources in ten years is realistic. Beyond the Democrat Party base, most voters think Gore’s plan will make energy prices go up.’ Thirty-three percent of Americans, only 33% — that’s pretty damn high. That number frightens me, actually, it’s a little high. Because that means 33% of the American people are absolute idiots, and they gotta be just partisan liberals going gaga over whatever Gore says because Rasmussen says beyond the Democrat Party base, most voters think Gore’s plan will make energy prices go up, as well as Algore’s income.

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