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RUSH: We go to Detroit and this is Jesse. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, how you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Fine, thank you much.

CALLER: I’m glad you took my call. I’m sitting up here with my head about to blow up listening to Barack Obama saying knowing what he know about the surge, you know, would he support it, and knowing what he know, and he said no, no. The surge wasn’t meant for more than that purpose, to save lives. The soldiers, how many soldiers, thousands of Iraqis’ lives have been saved, thousands of probably soldiers lives have been saved, and he said he wouldn’t support it.

RUSH: Of course not.

CALLER: And so, what does that mean? Does he care about the Iraqis? Does he care about the soldiers?

RUSH: Well, he cares that there are unemployed Iraqis. He said that in a previous sound bite. There are too many unemployed Iraqis. But you’re right. Up ’til now, the Democrats would have been perfectly fine with Saddam still in power, with his rape rooms and torture and all that. We had no reason to go in there. They ever cared about the Iraqi people. Now all of a sudden, he cares about the unemployed Iraqi men and women. But you’re right on the money. This guy, he needed a political issue, he needed something to disagree with the Bush administration about for his campaign, for his fundraising, and he admitted it.

CALLER: And you know, I care about the surge because I’m a black man from Detroit, and I’m a Marine, I served in Vietnam from ’65 to ’66, and this is for my brothers that are serving now, you know, he doesn’t care anything about it, if he did, you know, he would have said he would support the surge, you understand, because it would have saved countless lives and that’s what I’m so angry about now.

RUSH: You have a right to be angry.

CALLER: So thanks for taking my call. Also, the guy on MSNBC, the one that said the surge didn’t matter, it matters to me.

RUSH: That’s excellent. Of course it’s successful, and the purpose was to achieve victory and save lives. You are absolutely right.

CALLER: And thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: My pleasure, Jesse, thank you very much for calling. One thing you gotta remember about the Most Merciful Lord Obama, he’s not a thinker, folks. He is not a thinker. He has learned what he knows. He has been indoctrinated in all of these Ivy League schools and classrooms. That’s why he has the view of Middle America that he does, and that’s why he has the view of the US military that he does. In fact, that’s why he has the view of America. You will find a concentrated anti-American bias particularly in the Ivy League but on many college campi. So that’s what he’s learned. He’s been taught. He’s not a thinker. And you can see he’s not a thinker when the teleprompter is away, when the teleprompter is not there and not on, the guy has trouble. They joke about McCain with the prompter, it’s the other way around with Barack Obama.


RUSH: Beverly in Quitman, Texas. Yes. Beverly, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. East Texas greetings to you. As a mother of a son who’s on his eighth time overseas, I want to tell you how much you encourage us; because day by day we see the discouragement that the mainstream media offers, and listening to you — accompanied by my prayers for my son — gives me courage. He left his wife and his new baby daughter, which they named Liberty. And our son tells us that each time he goes to war, he always knows that he’s fighting for the country’s liberty. So the reason of naming her Liberty was that when he goes now, he can say, ‘I’m fighting for my country, Liberty, and I’m fighting for liberty.’ So thank you, sir, for all you do for us military families.

RUSH: No, no. The thanks are owed to you and to your son, and it’s a debt the American people can never be able to repay. I just have so much empathy. I can’t imagine what it’s like. Your son has been instrumental in the success of the military operations there, and we’ve got a presidential candidate, a Democrat, who cannot bring himself to credit the people who deserve it.

CALLER: Yes, sir. He demeans and disrespects the military as does the mainstream media. I didn’t think anybody could be worse than John Kerry and Bill Clinton. The night that John Kerry reported for duty, my husband — who is a two-tour Vietnam helicopter pilot and career officer (he crashed and broke his back in Vietnam) — when he heard Kerry say, ‘Reporting for duty,’ I thought he was going to have a heart attack in the living room. But now watching the progression and the degrading of the military as if we’re numskulls. My son graduated — our son graduated — from the Military Academy. It took an amazing amount of intellect and stamina to graduate from that fine academy. And watching this, it just discourages me so much that the mainstream media is feeding Kool-Aid to so many people. But when we listen to you, we are reminded why he fights.

RUSH: Thank you. Thanks, Beverly, very much. I appreciate that.

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